Highlights from Friday, Mar 12, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

He titled his new record The Story of Your Life because he wants to share YOUR stories! Matthew West invited our listeners to partcipate in the songwriting phase of his upcoming album:

Matthew West Nashville 08LISTEN   Matthew tells why he decided to do a record like this. 

CLICK HERE   To submit your story!


We also talked about the new Sanctus Real record, Pieces of a Real Heart and played their song "Lead Me." Wow!Sanctus Real

CLICK HERE   To hear a sample of "Lead Me." Buy it by clicking the album>>

CLICK HERE   To visit Jayar's Afternoon Chat page, where you'll find highlights of Jayar's conversation with lead vocalist Matt Hammit and other artists.

You may not have been too tall for your spouse OR cut off in the car line yesterday, but try to follow this anyway, okay?

LISTEN   Hear Bill's car-line confession. HE was the guy yesterday.

LISTEN   These callers are full of "concern."

LISTEN   We gave Jeremy Camp tickets to the couple with the most mismatched height difference.

LISTEN   This girl married a guy 7" shorter than she is. Does it matter??