Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 09, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New band Addison Road does the song "Hope Now" on The JOY FM. This addison road rv firemorning, Dave told their unfortunate story of loss and renewed hope.

LISTEN   Story: Hear Dave as he shares the tragic tale via Jenny Simmons' blog.

CLICK HERE   Details: Read the rest of lead singer Jenny Simmons' blog and see the unbelievable pictures of what happened.

CLICK HERE   Help: Here's the link to help Addison Road, the band that lost everything when their RV caught fire.  

Statewide student assessments, (FCATs) were going on for many today. At the same time, the Florida Senate was considering a bill that, among other things, would base merit pay for teachers on test scores. Dave and Bill brought the matter up for discussion:

LISTEN   This caller questioned the prudence of basing salaries on testing.

LISTEN   A veteran teacher chimes in.

LISTEN   We called Kate Battistelli, Francesca's mom, just because!

LISTEN   What a story! Hear the very excited winner of our 10k(x2) with Toby contest.