Highlights from Monday, Mar 08, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday! (Or is it?) We compared notes on Monday morning attitudes and quickly found that Carmen is the only one who really loves Mondays.

LISTEN   Carmen was clearly in the minority, as far as the team goes.

LISTEN   These callers took Carmen's side in this debate.

LISTEN   Saturday, Carmen "spent the day" with her college-age daughter, Haley. 

LISTEN   Why do men try to fix this stuff? Bill admits to making a dress disaster worse!

LISTEN   What's worse than a dress disaster? A wedding dress disaster!

The Florida Strawberry Festival brings in big-name acts like Switchfoot and donut burgerMichael W. Smith, attracts all kinds of people (namely Dave Cruse and Jayar), and promises the most exotic menu!

LISTEN   Dave tried a Krispy Kreme (not to be confused with Kris P. Kreme) donut burger!

LISTEN   This caller helps us get the donut burger's condiments right.