Highlights from Friday, Mar 05, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Have they shown up at your door yet?" Bill asked that question about volunteers who are taking the U.S. Census. Carmen hasn't seen any, but maybe because they've been avoiding her!

LISTEN   Carmen drove one poor guy right out of his job. What a story!

GET INFO   To avoid census scams, click the link.

It's the giant coffee that swallowed Miami! Not really, it's just the new starbucks sizesStarbucks drink size that's even bigger than a venti.

LISTEN   Dave told us about the newest "upgrade" to Starbucks' menu.

LISTEN   Leslie "The Latte Lady," a barista, fixed some facts and told why she wasn't surprised.

LISTEN   This caller wanted to set Leslie's record straight!


Encouragement: What it's all about.

LISTEN to Carmen share our heart.

Entertainment: What we love to do as well!

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