Highlights from Thursday, Mar 04, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

captain sullyBefore we get to the other stuff, consider what it must be like to see your boyhood dream in one grand-view moment; both sides: from a teenager to retirement.

LISTEN   Capture the moment: the retiring of a boyhood dream!

Stranded on a sidewalk (sitting comfortably at a cafe) for what must have seemed like hours (minutes), Bill was just beginning a strange sequence of events.

LISTEN   Bill finished the story (saga) of the lost keys.

LISTEN   Later that same evening, he chased a rabbit. No, really.

Without Carmen to roll her eyes at him, Dave got a little crazy. TECH-crazy, that is:

LISTEN   Dave introduces us to 3-D TV.

LISTEN   There's a new app you might want for your kids' cell phone!