Highlights from Wednesday, Mar 03, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jeremy Camp comes to town for three concerts this month, so Carmen had giveaway-ticket fever this morning. After making Kris P. Kreme answer 100 phone calls, Dave Cruse came up with a better way to give tickets away:

LISTEN   Dave hosted "Pirate or Pirate?" a quick matching game with Carmen's answers the thing to match.

LISTEN   Bill gave some appreciation to the spring training Pirates, a hometown baseball team!

LISTEN   Carmen told the touching story that defines part of Jeremy Camp's life and music.Jeremy Camp

Got Jeremy Camp tickets? Get 'em by clicking here.
Wanna know more about Jeremy?
Visit him online.

The term "family worship" may sound strange, but it has a long history in Christian homes including colonial America.

LISTEN   Bill talked about family woship and a resource he found.

CLICK HERE to get to the online family worship site.

OH, and the "don't have to wear skirts" comment? Bill had a certain Tim Hawkins video in mind.  WATCH IT.