Highlights from Thursday, Feb 04, 2010

February 04, 2010

Highlights from Thursday, 2.4.10


First, if you missed Mark Schutz on the show yestderday, click here to be redirected to yesterday's highlights. The guy had us laughing and crying. This morning, before he left town, Carmen had a few errands for him!

We brought up the topic of customer service today, through a real-life, negative  experience at a local business yesterday. It certainly got a lot of response (and generated a little more heat than we could have anticipated)! At the risk of being real with our audience, here it is:


Note:  This business did what we were saying SHOULD be done: in response to a phone call and an e-mail (NOT anything we said on-air, as the business was never identified): they made it right in less than 24 hours. Home run!!!!!

But should we have brought this up in the first place? Read this: