Highlights from Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009

Dave has been acting a bit strange since we won an award recently. In fact, it's hard to explain exactly what he's been doing. You just have to see it for yourself:

P90X is an intense, video-based workout program that has been popular for a while now. Carmen decided to try it over the weekend and made it through 45 of the 90 minutes before she was whipped. This morning she challenged Bill, a significantly older man with a bit of extra weight, aerobically challenged, with zero flexibility, to hang with the yoga video for 15 minutes.

  • Hear how she roped Bill into this "challenge."

  • Kris P. Kreme was enlisted as Bill's personal trainer: Listen as we checked in with Kris to see how Bill was doing.

  • Hear the final check in before Bill quit and started looking for donuts.
  • Hear how she roped Bill into this "challenge."

  • It happened again! We tried to have a quiet lunch with Carmen yesterday in a big restaurant. Before it was over, half the restaurant knew we were there.