Highlights from Friday, Oct 09, 2009

With Sharathon coming to a successful close, life for everybody at the station is slowly rolling back to it's regular programming but a lot can be missed within 6 days.  Carmen and Bill both unloaded about their guilt...


Thank God for the Follow You Tour!  A great way to end the week, plus, it's the reason our favorite Joy-FM artists are in town.  First in was Francesca Battistelli.  When you put her and Carmen in the room...let's just say it was like very "sisterhood of the traveling pants.."  They reminisced, laughed...no crying though..


...Okay, so after chit-chatting with Franny, Leeland stepped in to share a little about the band's journey so far...(pardon the noise in the background...)


Meanwhile, the one to blame for that noise you heard in the background...yep, "Mr. Nutritionist Guy," Brandon Heath brought his juicer which was a big hit off the microphone(even though we all heard it).  Anyway, once he got his juice on, Brandon was ready to talk.