Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009

JOY FM duo Chris and Conrad are back home after taking their hit song, "Lead Me to the Cross," all over North America. In Tampa tomorrow night, they will perform at a benefit for One City Ministry.

We also previewed a new song from Leeland, who will be here with the Follow You Tour in October.

Haley, Carmen's oldest daughter, is in classes as a freshman at a major university. She saw a "familiar" face at the front of the room the other day...

Francesca Battistelli is getting married, and Bill is worried about fashion. What do these two things have in common?

Will (Bill's oldest son) mastered his manual transmission (or "stick shift" if you're from Alabama) car after two lessons yesterday! Bill was thrilled, while Dave and Carmen tried to remember their first time driving a "stick shift."