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Monday, Nov 03, 2014

First Week of November 2014. 

Monday, Oct 27, 2014

Last week of October 2014

Monday, Oct 20, 2014

Third Week of October 2014 

Monday, Oct 13, 2014

Third Week of October 2014 

Monday, Oct 06, 2014

Second week of October 2014 

Monday, Sep 29, 2014

End of September/ Beginning of October 2014 

Monday, Sep 15, 2014

Third Week of September 2014 

Monday, Sep 08, 2014

Second Week of September 2014 

Monday, Sep 01, 2014

First week of September 2014 

Monday, Aug 25, 2014

Fourth Week of August 2014 

Monday, Aug 18, 2014

It's the third week of August 2014. 

Monday, Aug 11, 2014

Dave, Bill and Carmen are out and about collecting shoes to take to the orphans in Ethiopia. 

Monday, Aug 04, 2014

It's the first week of August 2014 and The Morning Cruise is back from vacation! 

Monday, Jul 21, 2014

3rd Week of July 2014- The Morning Cruise is on Vacation. Thanks Kris P. Kreme for filling in! 

Monday, Jul 14, 2014

Third Week of July 2014. 

Monday, Jul 07, 2014

Second week of July 2014. 

Monday, Jun 30, 2014

It's the first week of July 2014. 

Monday, Jun 23, 2014

Last full week of June 2014 

Monday, Jun 16, 2014

Third Week of June. We were supposed to celebrate Bill's Birthday but life got in the way and we will celebrate next week. 

Monday, Jun 09, 2014

Second Week of June 2014 

Monday, Jun 02, 2014

First week of June 2014 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's a short week following the Memorial Day Weekend. The Morning Cruise shared stories from their time in Nashville celebrating Brandon Heath's wedding. David Crowder stopped by to share some new songs from his album, Neon Steeple. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Second week of May 2014. 

Monday, May 05, 2014

It's the first week of May! The Morning Cruise kicks off their Cruisin' or Snoozin'? Challenge. 

Monday, Apr 28, 2014

It's hard to believe but it is the last week of April! 

Monday, Apr 21, 2014

Monday is Patriots Day in New England, aka the running of The Boston Marathon. We spoke with Trish, a member of Team Freedom who is running her first marathon in Boston. 

Monday, Apr 14, 2014

It's Holy Week! 

Monday, Apr 07, 2014

On Monday, Dave quizzed Bill and Carmen on Science. On Tuesday, Carmen and Bill challenged each other with sugar and literature. Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR stopped by the studio to share some songs from his new album, All or Nothing 

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014

NO NET WEDNESDAY with Justin and Trisha Davis, authors of Beyond Ordinary

Monday, Mar 31, 2014

April started off very busy for The Morning Cruise with some fun antics on April Fool's Day followed the next day by a special edition of No Net Wednesday. Carmen found a new fashion accessory for the guys to try out as well. 

Monday, Mar 24, 2014

It's the last full week of March. Carmen started us on a new fitness challenge. We shared our quirks with listeners. 

Monday, Mar 17, 2014

Friendraiser 2014 is over! We met our goal but couldn't do it without your help! THANK YOU!!! 

Monday, Mar 03, 2014

It's the first week of March and we're not done celebrating Carmen's birthday!

Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Monday, Feb 17, 2014

It's the final week before Team Freedom goes to the starting line of the Gasparilla Distance Classic to run for those who aren't free to run...yet! Here's where you'll find Telisia's Story

Monday, Feb 10, 2014

We celebrated a belated birthday with Dave. Found some Romantic Getaways and surprised a few callers early on a Monday morning. On Tuesday, City Harbor stopped by to share some songs from their self-titled debut album. 

Monday, Feb 03, 2014

It's a busy week for The Morning Cruise. We challenged Jayar to watch his Seattle Seahawks in complete silence. On Monday, we got the results. On Tuesday, Dave, Bill and Carmen were broadcasting live with Casting Crowns in celebration of their new album, THRIVE. 

Monday, Jan 27, 2014

It's the last week of January 2014. On Monday, we shared our reactions to the nationally televised "Bachelor" wedding. 

Monday, Jan 20, 2014

The 2014 Sochi Olympics is just a few weeks away. We have neighbors in Florida and Georgia participating in various sports. Exercise is on the minds of a lot of people in January. Carmen found 50 reasons to exercise. And we have found a book to read this year! Francesca Battistelli stopped by later in the week to share some songs from her new album, If We're Honest

Monday, Jan 13, 2014

On Monday, The Morning Cruise got a little nostalgic as their kids grow up. On Tuesday, Dave found a new product to improve a favorite beverage, Bill found some rules to buy a new suit, and Carmen shared some insight on things you can do to prepare yourself to lose weight. 

Monday, Jan 06, 2014

The Morning Cruise is back! Following the holiday break, Dave, Bill and Carmen returned to share stories from their time away from the microphones. 

Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013

It's the final day of 2013! We will be back on Monday, January 6th with a lot of fun things in the works for you. 

Monday, Dec 16, 2013

It's the last full week before the Christmas holiday break. 

Monday, Dec 09, 2013

Carmen reveals her 2013 list of Favorite Things as we continue to get ready for Christmas. 

Monday, Dec 02, 2013

The Morning Cruise is back from the Thanksgiving holiday break and getting the studio ready for Christmas while playing your favorite Christmas music. 

Monday, Nov 25, 2013

It's Thanksgiving Week! We kicked the week off talking to American Music Award winner Matthew West. 

Monday, Nov 18, 2013

It's a big week for The Morning Cruise and The JOY FM! We launched our bigger and better signal for the Tampa area on Friday! 

Monday, Nov 11, 2013

It's T-shirts for Turkeys Week! We took some time on Monday to thank those that have served in the military on Veterans Day. Tuesday was all about accents. On Wednesday, Bill tried to figure out the game of soccer and we discussed what NOT to donate to charitable organizations. 

Monday, Nov 04, 2013

For the month of November, The Morning Cruise has started a hashtag of thanks. Carmen shared an update on Keila, the young lady she met in Honduras. Bill shared a bible study on idolatry and Dave is struggling with the fact that he has committed to join Team Freedom. 

Monday, Oct 28, 2013

It was a challenging week for Dave and Bill. Both of the guys were signed up for things they never really wanted to do. 

Friday, Oct 25, 2013

The United We Stand Tour was in studio with The Morning Cruise. Here are all the moments from our visit with Building 429, The Afters, Hawk Nelson and Finding Favour

Monday, Oct 21, 2013

The Morning Cruise is on location at The Grey Area Studios in Nashville, Tennessee this week. And several of your favorite artists stop by to chat with Dave, Bill and Carmen including Brandon Heath, Lindsay McCaul, Francesca Battistelli, Molly Reed and Josh Wilson.  

Monday, Oct 14, 2013

The Morning Cruise spent Monday playing a few games. On Tuesday, they shared some new songs from Natalie Grant and Brandon Heath. 

Monday, Oct 07, 2013

The Morning Cruise kicked off the Minute To Win It contest. Dave and Bill shared their experience with the Fitbit. Carmen warned us about lead in lipstick. 

Monday, Sep 30, 2013

The Morning Cruise is  back and well rested after a successful Sharathon campaign. On Tuesday, Carmen demonstrated a new product she has been secretly wearing. On Wednesday, we had another No Net Wednesday. On Thursday, Hitch shared the story of the adoption of his son. 

Monday, Sep 23, 2013

The Morning Cruise wraps up the second half of Sharathon 2013 and finishes the week on a catch-up with Chris Tomlin!

Monday, Sep 16, 2013

The team is back from Honduras and The Morning Cruise is gearing up for Sharathon! Carmen shared some stories from her time in Honduras. 

Monday, Sep 09, 2013

As Carmen, Brandon Heath and a team of JOY FM listeners traveled to Honduras to distribute shoes, artist Dara Maclean joined Dave and Bill on the show this week!

Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013

As Labor Day was this past weekend, we've come back rested from the holiday weekend. The rest was needed as the Shoe Drive was a great success and we are still counting shoes for Carmen to take to Honduras. And with the end of Summer, we have completed our mammoth Summer Reading project, Bonhoeffer by Eric Mataxas. 

Monday, Aug 26, 2013

It's the final week of "Carmen Needs New Shoes"! The Morning Cruise is collecting shoes throughout Georgia and Florida. On Monday, they shared some laugh's with a recent blog by Jon Acuff and looked for some Breathing Room with Andy Stanley.  On Tuesday, The Redneck Gourmet in Newnan, GA hosted The Morning Cruise as they collected shoes. On Wednesday, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns discussed superheroes and shared some new songs from his album coming out in January. On Thursday, The Morning Cruise made their first stop in Florida to collect shoes. On Friday, Dave, Bill and Carmen started the final push for the shoe drive in Lakeland! 

Monday, Aug 19, 2013

This week on the Morning Cruise: Dave makes his attempt at a new game he created, Carmen shares some home organization tips and Dave gets some redemption with his duck calling skills. Carmen was given a special pair of shoes to take to Honduras and  Carol Zoffinger of Zoe's Journey shared the story of her organization with us 

Monday, Aug 12, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, Bill goes to the Gym, Carmen tries out a new contest, Dave challenges the thought that atheists are more intelligent than believers, and listeners help Bill and Carmen with rules for new drivers. 

Monday, Aug 05, 2013

The Morning Cruise spent some time this week talking about some of the latest shows on TV, including Shark Week, Sharknado, and The Bulloch Family Ranch on UP Network (formerly Gospel Music Channel). Julie and Rusty Bulloch, the stars of the show, stopped by to talk with Dave, Bill and Carmen about their new show. And we had a No Net Wednesday. On Thursday, Dave was curious about a new app asking people to swap leftovers. Friday, we spoke with the Griswold Family about their trip to Disney in the family "Truckster".  

Monday, Jul 29, 2013

The Morning Cruise is back from Summer Vacation! A lot happened while they were off, including a cruise and a thrown-out back for Carmen, a honeymoon memory for Dave, and ink for Bill(?). Hear the moments you missed here, including Miss Lilly, a precious 95-year-old, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, sweaty pics and a game-changing question about grace.

Monday, Jul 08, 2013

The Morning Cruise is back from the long Independence Day Weekend and getting ready for vacation. 

Monday, Jul 01, 2013

The Morning Cruise is back from the epic annual road trip known as The Summer Cruise 8. 

Monday, Jun 24, 2013

It's Week 2 of Summer Cruise 8 and Luke and Joel have their bags loaded onto the RV for the Florida leg of the trip. 

Monday, Jun 17, 2013

It's Week 1 of Summer Cruise 8 with our special guests, for KING & COUNTRY. We spent some time getting to know the brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone as they join us for a tour of Georgia. 

Monday, Jun 10, 2013

We caught up with Susan Merrill this week and got some perspective on how to be a Passionate Mom! Also, as Father's Day loomed, Dave, Bill and Carmen each shared a personal perspective on their dads. And we sampled Haman's ears

Monday, Jun 03, 2013

Tuesday is typically new release day for artists in the music industry.  On Tuesday of this week, Building 429 dropped by our studios to talk about their newest album, We Won't Be Shaken.  Also, Carmen was MIA (Mission In Action) on Monday until "Dr. West" called us in the 8 o'clock hour to explain what was going on....  

Monday, May 27, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise:  Dorothy's made-up story, some cute 2nd graders, Bill recaps his first 5K, and Joe Gumm from St. Pete's CBS affiliate WTSP (10 News) joined The Morning Cruise.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Morning Cruise was struck by the tragic news that unfolded Monday afternoon in Moore, Oklahoma, a small town just south of Oklahoma City.  We got a firsthand report from a world-class journalist, and then set to work on details for our JOY FM family to reach out to the hurting families

Monday, May 13, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, "three geniuses" filled in for Bill and Carmen.  And we spent time with Natalie Grant last Friday at her home in Nashville, so we decided to spend some time with Amy Grant this week.

Monday, May 06, 2013

This week features Natalie Grant, live from her Nashville home, in the studio of her husband, producer Bernie Herms ("Malibu Bernie").

Monday, Apr 29, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we introduced you to Pop's Country Store, chatted with Marc Pritchett of RUSH Ministries, talked gardening, kale chips, and so much more! 

Monday, Apr 22, 2013

It has been another great week on The Morning Cruise.  Click here for this week's show highlights. 

Monday, Apr 15, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we caught up with Amy Grant to talk about the stories behind the songs on her forthcoming album called "How Mercy Looks From Here."

Monday, Apr 08, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, JOY FM artist Josh Wilson joined us in studio to talk about his new album called "Carry Me."

Monday, Apr 01, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise:  wet jeans, gluttony pants, a surprise from Italian superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli, a small North Georgia town that has passed a new law to protect its citizens, Carmen's rubberband trick, and so much more!

Monday, Mar 25, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, Carmen visited with Amy Grant....at her house in Nashville.  Also, we sat down with the guys from Building 429 to talk about their forthcoming album called "We Won't Be Shaken."  And, on April 1st, The Morning Cruise will begin an experiment with only 7 items of clothing, based on the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.

Monday, Mar 18, 2013

Friendraiser began on Wednesday, March 13th and ran through Wednesday, March 20th, preempting The Morning Cruise, but we still have plenty of highlights to share with you...

Monday, Mar 11, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we caught up with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, Executive Producer's of 'The Bible' miniseries on The History Channel.  We also talked with Gary LeVox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts! 

Monday, Mar 04, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we introduced you to Justin & Trisha Davis, who transformed a broken, ordinary marriage into something Beyond Ordinary

Monday, Feb 25, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise:  Carmen's Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, Two Body Interactions: A Longitudinal Study, Finishing The Race, Chia Seeds Smoothies, And A Special Birthday Gift for Carmen!

Monday, Feb 18, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we shared a powerful message with you from a Pastor on the West Coast.  We also talked about Robin Roberts' return to Good Morning America, and how she has inspired millions.  And, we shared another inspirational blog with you from the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt.  You'll find that and much, much more on this week's show highlights page.  

Monday, Feb 11, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we shared a powerful illustration of 2 Peter 3:8 by Beth Moore.  We also shared "5 Ways To Energize Your Team" by Michael Hyatt, who is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Oh, and Carmen nearly choked JOY FM artist Brandon Heath at a wedding.  That and much, much more on this weeks show highlights page.  Check it out! 

Monday, Feb 04, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we talked with a family from Blue Springs, Missouri, who recently adopted five orphans from Peru after they received an email plea.  After their interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News and before their interview on The View, they talked with us. 

Monday, Jan 28, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, we caught up with "The King of the Wire," Nik Wallenda, before and after he walked across a 600-foot stroll on a cable strung 180 feet above U.S. Highway 41 along the Sarasota, Florida, bay front.  Also, we introduced you to a member of the U.S. Postal Service who worked for 44 years without taking one single sick day!

Monday, Jan 21, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, JOY FM artist Josh Wilson joined us in studio. We also had a frank conversation about abortion on the show.

Monday, Jan 14, 2013

This week on The Morning Cruise, among many other highlights, Dave shared a touching story of love and dedication.  We learned that Brother Bill wants to get back into exercising......his brain.  And Carmen made a very special call to the UK and Brandon Heath. 

Monday, Jan 07, 2013

Happy New Year from The Morning Cruise!  Here are some highlights from this first week of 2013...

Monday, Dec 17, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise, we paused to remember Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. And though the week began in tragedy, the hope and joy of this season can be heard in our Christmas Story Montage, in our radio drama rendition of A Christmas Carol, and in the laughter of true stories and badly played instruments!

Monday, Dec 10, 2012

This week featured our ONE DAY campaign, raising a million dollars to expand The JOY FM to cover Tampa Bay with one strong signal at 91.5!  Even though we did some serious fundraising, there were lighter moments and tender stories we got to share. You'll find them here. 

Monday, Dec 03, 2012

From a powerful illustration of HOPE, to an emotional reunion between a father and daughter who had been separated for 30 years, to Carmen socking listeners, Bill's ornament problem, and Dave's church musical, it has been another great week on The Morning Cruise!

Monday, Nov 26, 2012

One year ago, we expanded the family to Atlanta.  We celebrated that this week.  Also, Georgia and Alabama play each other in the SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome on December 1st, and we live in a house divided.  We also had a conversation with Matthew West using only song lyrics, Carmen needed help with making life just a little easier, and something about cardboard fireplaces and aluminum Christmas Trees.

Monday, Nov 19, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise, we placed a call to Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR to find out if he would allow Carmen to sing at his upcoming wedding.  Also, Bill needs your help to be properly attired with a dashing new hat.  And, we learned that an industrial vacuum cleaner and Carmen Brown is a dangerous combination. 

Monday, Nov 12, 2012

This week, The Morning Cruise called a "Family Meeting" to make a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Monday, Nov 05, 2012

This week is Election Week 2012!  In addition to  living through that with you, we brought you stories, songs from Josh Wilsons Christmas CD, Noel, and quite the on-hold experience with Carmen's bank.

Monday, Oct 29, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise, we spoke with Natalie Grant, who will once again be lacing up for FREEDOM in February 2013.  Also, you'll never guess which member of The Morning Cruise went dumpster diving. Dave and his wife, Emilie, enjoyed their first cup of a seasonal favorite last weekend.  And Bill has a theory that, at 13, guys lose the ability to speak in sentences. 

Monday, Oct 22, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise, we shared with you "The Other Side of Forgiveness," our sit-down with Eric Smallridge, the inmate who has been forgiven and will soon be free.  Also, you met 19-year-old Tim, from Marietta, Georgia, who has Cerebral Palsy.  Tim's story inspired Matthew West to write a new song called "Wonderfully Made."

Monday, Oct 15, 2012

This week, The Morning Cruise was granted approval from the Department of Corrections to interview Eric Smallridge, who is at the center of Renee's powerful story of forgiveness.  Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR, Lindsay McCaul, and Matthew West joined us to talk about the Into The Light tour.  And, we shared with you Rusty's story, which inspired Matthew West to write a song that you'll find on his new Into The Light album. 

Monday, Oct 08, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise, Carmen revealed her love for The Evolution of Smooth, and no, it's not a 90s rock band. We also talked with Dr. Amy Black, a Political Science Professor at Wheaton University who has written a book called 'Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason.' And on Wednesday, we had a "No-Net Wednesday" with a twist... PLUS, you'll find the story of Jordan, an OxyContin addict, and resources from our conversation about losing faith and needing answers.

Monday, Oct 01, 2012

Welcome to October!  This morning on The Morning Cruise, we told you about a marriage proposal that you have to check out, and homecoming mums that are as big --- or bigger --- than the dress! Also, did you hear the story of the 3 a.m. Waffle Hous birthday party?

Monday, Sep 24, 2012

This week is release week for Matthew West's new album, "Into The Light."  The album was inspired by powerful real-life stories that were shared with Matthew West. This week, we shared with you Rusty's Story. You'll also hear how a victory in the fight against human trafficking was almost overshadowed by Christian infighting, and you'll get some more to make you grin!

Friday, Sep 21, 2012

POST-SHARATHON - Whew! We made it, with thanks to all our new friends in Atlanta and around Florida! Even though the show only aired two days this week, you'll find some good stuff on this page, including the Starbucks fingernails story and our conversation with former LSU Homecoming Queen (and soccer star) Mo Isom.

Monday, Aug 27, 2012

Here are audio highlights from this week's shows, including Bill's ABCs of Better Debate, and the powerful and inspiringl story of 19-year-old Tim who inspired Matthew West to write a new song called "Wonderfully Made."

Monday, Aug 13, 2012

This week's highlights feature a "game changer" from Kay Warren. You'll also find our taste-test of PB2 here, plus an interesting perspective on the Tim Tebow appearance in GQ, and other moments from our live show this week.

Monday, Aug 06, 2012

From advice from Dr. Billy Graham, to a conversation with Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North, to a question from Carmen that turned into product tips, to Four Powerful Principles of Forgiveness, we covered it all this week.

Monday, Jul 30, 2012

Sunday is National Forgiveness Day. We re-told the story of forgivness with Matthew West and Renee Napier's powerful, personal testimony on Friday's show. For something different, check out Bill's "ninth floor please" elevator story involving Amy Grant. And everybody's got Olympic fever right now.  Dave and Bill talked about the Opening Ceremonies and an inspiring Paralympic Athlete.

Monday, Jul 16, 2012

Brandon Heath stopped by this week! We had fun listening to his new record, Blue Mountain, and sharing some laughs. We also started our journey through Alice in Wonderland--and had a few MORE laughs! You'll also find links to 3 MUST-SEE videos here and Bill Martin's talk on how the Bible was formed.

Monday, Jul 09, 2012

You HAVE to see Matthew West's video for his song "Forgiveness," recorded with Renee in our studios!  Carmen introduced listeners to her favorite iced coffee, Natural Bliss.

Monday, Jun 25, 2012

THE WEEK THAT WAS The Summer Cruise 7 in Florida (cue record scratch here), upstaged by Tropical Storm Debby, but not entirely lost! You'll find hilarious and serious moments with guest artist Dara Maclean along with video of her LIVE at the Brown Stone Theater concert.

Monday, Jun 18, 2012

You saw him on a tightrope high above Niagara Falls. Did you know he's a JOY FM listener? We talked with Nik Wallenda this week about his walk, his family and his faith. You also helped us get ready for The Summer Cruise 7! We started with some vacation stories and clips from Dara Maclean.

Monday, Jun 04, 2012

The Story of Forgiveness as told by Renee Napier (with a special surprise from Matthew West) is featured on this week's highlights. You simply MUST hear this story. You'll also hear Chris August from this week's conversation! You'll also hear some of YOUR calls during No-Net Wednesday.

Monday, May 28, 2012

From this week's shows you'll hear the Golden Voice, Ted Williams, the man who is on a journey from homelessness and additiction to sobriety and reconciliation. But, unlike Ted, Carmen started her week stuck on the street (in the median, actually). You'll also find Miracle Noodles here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

You'll hear a full-circle moment, with Alan and Stephanie and Care2Tri! Also, we did our second No Net show on Wednesday, driven by your calls! And Bill imagined an "inspirational" (*cough*) speech for graduates.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Here are highlights from our first ever "NO NET" show, where our listeners were in complete control of the content! Mother's Day came and went, and we shared some laughs and lessons: we got both from Carmen's mom, experienced in home remedies.

Monday, May 07, 2012

You'll find links to the Freedom Climb and the eagle cam here, plus stories we've told on the show this week!

Monday, Apr 30, 2012

The first week in May brought us new hair product, sea salt spray recommended by Dara Maclean, as well as thoughts on the end of school and red velvet ice cream. Mmmm (taste test next week). Also, we said goodbye to poetry and grilled cheese and hello to birdwaching, artificial turf and a must-have book called Safe People.

Monday, Apr 23, 2012

Here's stuff from this week's shows, featuring a hilarious conversation with artist Dave Barnes! You'll also find grilled pimento cheese right next to Bill's sonnet and comments from the red carpet at the Dove Awards!

Monday, Apr 16, 2012

Looking for the hair product Carmen mentioned? You'll find that, plus the live cam that shows baby eagles, our remembrance of Dick Clark, Dave's comments on chin surgery, Bills' story of the pitcher who played catch with a fan. . .it's ALL here! And, after her trip to Ft. Worth to pay last respects to Denver Moore, Carmen was back Monday with memories of our friend,  Denver Moore. 

Tuesday, Apr 03, 2012

We started the week remembering Denver. Dara Maclean stopped by for a visit and a special announcement on Tuesday! You'll hear highlights from that visit, and you'll hear Bill try to get some support for National Poetry Month.

Monday, Apr 02, 2012

Monday, we said a final goodbye to our friend Denver Moore, co-author with Ron Hall of the book, Same Kind of Different as Me.

Monday, Mar 26, 2012

The Hunger Games released over the weekend and had us all abuzz this week. First, it set records. But does the violent character of the world it portrays make it "off limits" for Christians? You'll also find the discussion we had on "safe people," spurred by Donald Miller's blog and a book he read.

Monday, Mar 19, 2012

Back from back-to-back Friendraiser weeks, the Morning Cruise resumed our show Tuesday! We caught you up on a couple of artists: Josh Wilson and Chris August, Josh winning big at the ASCAP Awards and Chris with a big birthday! OH! And have you heard Christy Nockels singing the Wynonna song? You'll also hear the inspirational story of basketball phenom, Elena Delle Donne, and you'll get some practical help waking up with our favorite sleep app! 

Thursday, Feb 23, 2012

Here's a page dedicated to our conversation on human trafficking, featuring the women of Created, a ministry that reaches out to women in the darkest places. You'll also find the interview we called "Human Trafficking 101" with Dr. Justin Holcomb and information on Natalie Grant's Abolition International.

Monday, Feb 20, 2012

Here are the latest highlights from this week.

Monday, Feb 13, 2012

We started the week remembering Whitney Houston, as they did at the GRAMMY awards Sunday night. You'll also hear a sweeter story from the GRAMMYs involving Brandon Heath. And on Valentines' day, a story about strawberries that will warm your heart.

Monday, Feb 06, 2012

This week, you met Tori Svenson, the eight year old with brain cancer. You'll also find the video Dave mentioned of the Wounded Warriors vs. the NFL Stars.

Monday, Jan 30, 2012

Carmen started the week with laryngitis! Not good! Dave and Bill compensated by sharing more of a December conversation with Steven Curtis Chapman. They also took their digital recorder to one of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" favorite spots.

Monday, Jan 23, 2012

With Carmen out Monday, we cooked massive burgers and played Newt or Schrute? Tuesday, we hosted Brandon Heath to discuss "Leaving Eden." We also enjoyed a visit from Becca Wilson.

Monday, Jan 16, 2012

This week we got an eye-opening look into the ugly world of human trafficking with the help of Justin Holcomb. You'll also hear Lindsay McCaul's surprise moment from Tuesday's show, Bill's thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. AND Sr., plus a book Carmen's reading called One Thousand Gifts.

Monday, Jan 09, 2012

If you missed the flashlight story, hear it here. We also caught up with Jason Roy of the band Building 429. You'll find a link to the CNN video of Francesca Battistelli meeting Tori Svenson, a fan and cancer patient. And  Bama WINS! Carmen celebrates, while Dave LickS his woUnds. 

Tuesday, Jan 03, 2012

We Skyped with Carmen at Passion 2012 this week! You'll hear that, plus find links to Bible Study and Devotional resources for the new year. Also, hear listeners talk about date-friendly cities see the video of Matt's first day golfing.

Monday, Dec 19, 2011

Highlights from December 19-23, 2011: This week, we rolled out our radio adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. We also posted the link to our "Christmas Story Montage."

Monday, Dec 12, 2011

Highlights from December 12-16. You'll hear Dave read from Intimate Moments with the Savior, and you'll see Carmen's "Favorite Things." You'll also find highlights from our conversation with Steven Curtis Chapman!! Also, get the recipe for Emilie's hot chocolate and, since you asked, download our Christmas Story Montage

Monday, Dec 05, 2011

*NEW* Check back here ALL WEEK LONG for stuff we mentioned and audio highlights for the week of December 5, 2011. You'll find Carmen's favorite things, along with Matthew West from Hollywood and more!

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011

Here are highlights for the week of 11/28/11.  You'll find links to stuff we mentioned and audio from the show. The show comes to ATLANTA this week!!!!

Monday, Nov 28, 2011

Stuff you missed! The technical troubles seem to be behind us, so we dumped some audio from recent shows here, including Chef Doug's holiday recipes, the hilarious story from Carmen's mom, and Dave's fond memories during the first Thanskgiving without his dad.

Friday, Nov 18, 2011

If you missed it, you'lll hear turkey totals here! Also, Bill mentioned a church in San Francisco doing something that brings "word" and "deed" together. You'll find that link.

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011

Hi there! We're back with some highlights after technical problems had us messed up a bit. Want those Black Friday deals?

Friday, Nov 04, 2011

After Carmen confessed her insecurities about taking the show to Atlanta, we caught up with Chris August! Chris will be here Sunday with David Crowder*Band. He told us what life on the road is like and what he's playing--and not playing--at the shows. Also, you'll find a bit of rivalry over LSU vs Alabama this weekend and over milk!

Oh, and don't forget to listen to us on for Jayar today, and to fall-back this weekend.

Thursday, Nov 03, 2011

You'll hear today's FAMILY MEETING here! Did you hear the news? The JOY FM Family is expanding to...

Wednesday, Nov 02, 2011

Here are higlights from TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY this week: We caught up with David Crowder this week to talk about his final tour as David Crowder*Band, what's ahead for him personally and what we'll miss! You'll hear that conversation, plus Louie Giglio inspired us to think about evangelism and social justice, and Carmen found a new obcession in the M&M aisle!

Monday, Oct 31, 2011

What's your number? the world pupulation clock clicked to 7 billion today! Dave and Bill, two among the many, compared notes on the weekend: on Billy Graham's new book, on the results of a rainy father-son campout, the finding of a new (obcessive) game and Dave's hiding from the pumpkin bread gang.

Friday, Oct 28, 2011

We enjoyed getting to know the band For King and Country today. You'll see a sweet pic and hear a live song they did on the show.

Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

We discovered a great story, no, two great stories of God's mercy today: you'll hear Katherine and Mikey tell how their lives changed and how they both wound up at The Garden Cafe at Shoogie Boogies.

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011

The last two days on the show have been filled with stuff we want to share! Tim Nixon, morning show host from the early 90s, was with us. Carmen demonstrated SIRI, the new iPhone 4s "personal assistant." Dave told us how God redeemed a noisy call, and Bill was just noisy, SO noisy he got a new nickname.

Monday, Oct 24, 2011

Did you hear the news? Over the weekend, your prayers for were answered in a big way! We talked to Steve with Compassion Alliance to learn about Baby Carmen. That was just one of the highlights of the weekend: Bill shared another...but Dave, well, Dave had a "productive" weekend, you might say!

Friday, Oct 21, 2011

Today, we recapped Mark Hall's insightful conversation from The Well about trying to fill yourself up by drawing from empty wells. We also enjoyed the change in temperatures that Fall brings and the way the SEC is lining up for dominance early in the college football season. Plus, anybody notice that the World Series is going on!? ALSO, if you're looking for the conversation about Baby Carmen, click HERE.

Thursday, Oct 20, 2011

Did you hear this story? Remember "Baby Carmen" from the Honduran orphanage? You have to hear what happened since our own Carmen got back from her trip there in September. You'll also hear from Natalie Grant, as her training for the half marathon heats up, and Dave heard about a strange, on-camera appearance at the place his wife is staying in Tennessee.

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011

We made a confession today...we bit the Apple! You'll hear how an honest attempt to help a brother (Mark Hall) made a brother (Mark Hall) late! Bill's wife returns today (with a new baby???), while Dave's wife leaves for leaves. And Carmen, aka Lucy, had a little 'splainin' to do about the bandage on her wrist.

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011

We hosted Mark Hall and Juan DeVevo of the band Casting Crowns this morning! You’ll hear Mark’s attempt to match his wife’s answers in “The Not-So Newlywed Game.” You’ll also hear one of Mark’s “platinum” nuggets of wisdom as he talks about the band’s new album Come to the Well. And Carmen’s marathon training has hit a slump.

Monday, Oct 17, 2011

Back from a busy weekend (for some!), Dave, Bill and Carmen talked about football and Peyton Manning, hilarious moments with Chonda Pierce and the perils of dad trying to launder baseball pants. We also joined the anticipation of the new iPhone 4 interactive voice system known as Siri.

Friday, Oct 14, 2011

Thanks to Jayar for covering yesterday (while we were being re-certified)! Since we got in so late, Carmen joined us by Skype from her kitchen this morning! We had fun catching up with her husband Pete on his new smartphone troubles and heard one of those "only Carmen" stories about two earrings in one ear. You'll also hear Natalie Grant talk about her song on the new "epic" CD called Music Inspired by The Story.

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011

(Under Construction) We talked with Natalie Grant this morning about her new GMCTV movie, Decision, and asked her to chime in on yesterday's makeup discussion. ... and we posted a link to Jars of Clay's new twitmusic page.

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011

We found out Chonda Pierce has been busy in front of the camera lately, making three movies! Being "camera-ready" seems to pay off for women, according to a new study of women and makeup, and here's to 80 year old June Harrison and her new Sunday School perfect attendance award!

Monday, Oct 10, 2011

You'll find audio and links from today's show, including the Alex Kendrick interview on his life between FIreproof and Courageous. Dave was back, but the kidney stone was not! And we talked about The Story and read some stories over the weekend on our Kindles.

Friday, Oct 07, 2011

We're baaackkk...ALMOST! Dave was still out sick, and Carmen was trying to suppress a cough and find enough voice to talk. Still, we brought you a fun conversation with Chonda Pierce, who is coming next week. Hear Chonda talk about her mama, her impromptu routine at The Dove Awards, her husband Chainsaw Dave, and her newest guy-fan, Brandon Heath!

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011

The day before our Share-a-thon, and we gave you permission to interrupt us with early, online giving. It was fun to try to tell a story, believe us! Thank you! In the midst of it, Carmen managed to have a discussion about movie talkers, Dave brought some homemade pumpkin bread, Bill lauded Everglades Seasoning and we met Johanna, our Share-a-thon quarterback!

Monday, Sep 26, 2011

What a great weekend! Today we shared highlights from our 25th Anniversary Celebration and a few others from the weekend, including a beautiful sunset, a story that illustrates the beauty of taking time with your kids and the moment when we realized Brandon Heath could have used some dad-experience. 

Friday, Sep 23, 2011

It was quite a Friday, complete with calls to Brandon Heath AND his guitar player, discussions about using a Neti Pot and a huge, frightening, intrusive, bumpy FROG in Carmen's garage!

Thursday, Sep 22, 2011

What a perfect story! On the way home, she stopped at a Taco Bell... Carmen gave away some tickets to this Saturday's 25th Anniversary Concert, and when Bill found out Dave's wife had given some away as well, he came up with a simple little challenge for a listener that was anything but simple. Also, you may wonder why, if God is in control, we have to go through so many things along the way.

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011

We couldn't have written it any better! (You should hear the call from the girl who has been listening 25 years.) Carmen told us about "Mary the Money Savin' Madre," Dave's hanging on to Man Week 2 with a story on "Man Land," and many of us adults prefer texting over talking.

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011

You'd better sit down for this one: today, with Carmen back from Honduras, we heard the stories, stories of not only a fantastic team who shared love with orphans, but also a shared experience of intense poverty and neglect

Monday, Sep 19, 2011

Back in town but under the weather, Carmen blogged the second half of the very emotional experience her team had in a Honduran special needs orphanage.  Dave and Bill paid homage to Man Week 2 with a potential party, a fish story, a health drink and a touching story (sorta) of the empty nest.

Friday, Sep 16, 2011

Friday!! Dave was geeking out! You'll find the link to NASA's Eyes on the Solar System Dave mentioned this morning. Also, you'll hear someone get from Kevin Bacon to John Wayne in six degrees, and we wrapped Man Week 2 with an apology, a poem...and bacon.

Thursday, Sep 15, 2011

Even though Man Week 2 continued, we had a very balanced show today. There was steak, and potatoes and bacon... Okay, and we talked about Carmen in Honduras, Day 4, Dave had a rant on Dr. Oz and apple juice, and Bill appreciated teachers!

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011

Man Week 2 continued with a deep, philosophical question from Dave: who is today's John Wayne? We tried to fill in the question mark with your calls and Facebook posts. Meantime, we asked for special prayer today for Carmen and her team in Honduras, and Bill had a thought for guys who can't see the ministry in their work.

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011

Well, it's on. We declared this week Man Week 2 on The Morning Cruise. Bill was a bit nervous, but Dave, Kris... and even Carmen's husband Pete were all-in! To help Bill, Dave got your picks for the top 5 John Wayne movies! Meanwhile, Carmen posted another update from Honduras.

Monday, Sep 12, 2011

Carmen is in Honduras this week. You'll find a links to her blog, plus links to a Bible study on how to love your Muslim neighbor and more! Also, Dave spent the weekend with his brother at a very special football game at LSU.

Friday, Sep 09, 2011

TODAY we posted online versions of the 911 Timeline and the story of An American Hero on this page. We spent the morning not just looking back ten years, but reflecting on the resiliance of Americans, especially as a people of faith. Carmen puts that faith into action next week in Honduras. You'll hear about her trip.

Thursday, Sep 08, 2011

TOMORROW, we'll post online versions of our 911 Timeline and American Hero in our look-back to the events of a decade ago. Today, Dave Cruse was headed to his home state of Louisiana to carry on a family legacy, and Carmen wants (demands) pictures! (She's not the only one.)

Wednesday, Sep 07, 2011

In the midst of remembering 9/11 this week, Carmen found time to read her Bible; in fact, she found she'd made more progress than she thought! Dave found an old CCM singer who is involved in some...renovations, AND Bill protested against the idea of Facebook or Twitter "stalking."

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011

We rolled out our 9/11 Timeline today as part of our commemoration of the events of a decade ago, and friends commented on Facebook.  Carmen found two verses of Scripture that relate to then and now. On a lighter note, Bill wondered if, between waves, he ever did get that ring on her finger.

Friday, Sep 02, 2011

Highlights from THURSDAY and FRIDAY.  You'll hear Matthew West from Hollywood, where he was on the set of the movie GMC is making about his song, "One Last Christmas." You'll also hear the advice Dave gave his son and Bill's discovery of  vegan ginger lemon yogurt.

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011

She said "Men, turn down your radios," as Dave and Bill ran for cover. Find Carmen's "public service announcement" on the Cami bra here! To recover our manliness, Dave and Bill hosted two contests for tickets to our 25th Anniversary Concert: Dave's was "Cornerback or John Wayne Movie Character?" Bill came back with, "Famous Composer or Essential American Poet?" You'll also find the list of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers!

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011

Technology dominated our conversation today, especially Carmen's need of a new alarm clock! After teasing her for oversleeping, Dave and Bill debated the merits of tablets vs. laptops and provided some info on what to do when technology fails in a disaster. You'll also get links to a personal disaster plan and National Geographic Channel's special programming on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Monday, Aug 29, 2011

Today was the beginning of the end of our month-long shoe drive! We tallied the totals of our "friendly competition," and we talked with a pastor whose church collected almost 2,300 pairs of shoes! You have to hear how their worship team went barefoot! Also, Carmen met a woman who is getting a new husband back again, and we talked to a colleague in New Jersey whose radio studios were flooded by Irene.

Thursday, Aug 25, 2011

Here are highlights from Thursday's and Friday's shows. You'll hear our conversation with the band MIKESCHAIR as they debuted their new album, A Beautiful Life.

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011

Well, the earth shook last night, and we had reports all the way to the Carolinas, where we caught up with "Slick." Carmen saw the world shift for young girls in Guatemala last year: a story you must read! And on the lighter side, what can you do with Edamame? 

Tuesday, Aug 23, 2011

So, with Hillsborough county schools we're all back now, and moms are teary-eyed. Or maybe it was the food, but Carmen had a dream you have to hear about! Also, today was release day for MIKESCHAIR, and you'll find a link to a new Brandon Heath video today!

Monday, Aug 22, 2011

Carmen was back from vacation, and it was back to school for many today! We mused on both a bit.  It didn't take long to be back in the groove, talking about swamp people, a Matthew West Christmas song (believe it or not) and what to wear to school.

Friday, Aug 19, 2011

Have y'all missed Carmen this week? Us too, so...we created virtual Carmen. You'll hear that (unfortunate) attempt, plus celebrate the end of "Man Week" with a few poems from Bill.

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011

We tried to express our thanks to TPD for their vigilance in protecting a local school from violence. And today was red-meat Thursday, with a burger taste-off. You'll find the recipes here!

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2011

Dave and Bill declared "man week" in Carmen's absence today, which of course involves a plan for grilling red meat. You'll also find an update on the tornado recovery efforts in Northeast Alabama, and a blog from The Patterson Foundation announcing another gift directed to disaster relief in that area.

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011

We caught up with Steven Curtis Chapman to talk about his new record, re:creation. Also, Dave told us about a little baseball history made yesterday, and Bill reminded us of what NOT to forget as you get your kids back to school.

Monday, Aug 15, 2011

Carmen is out this week, so the guys are into meat. Dave rolled out plans to replicate The Obama burger, and Bill posted detailed info on the beef recall we mentioned. The guys also caught up with Bill's brother, Buddy Martin, to talk about a golden anniversary, saving a historic Ocala theater and a new faith-based film.

Thursday, Aug 11, 2011

Highlights from THURSDAY and FRIDAY are here. We posted a link to the Louie Giglio talk we mentioned. You'll also hear Natalie Grant talk to us about signing up to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with Carmen. And what happened when Carmen stopped by a 7-11 and heard a DJ was, well, what you'd expect!

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011

Here are highlights from Tuesday's AND Wednesday's shows. You'll hear conversation with the guys in the band Rush of Fools, our chat with Bruce in England on the riots in London, and the discussion about the MIKESCHAIR song, "Someone Worth Dying For."

Monday, Aug 08, 2011

You'd clean your freezer too, if it happened to you. Dave called his wife to explain why their freezer was so clean today. Carmen watched the Teen Choice Awards this weekend. Did you hear how Justin Bieber represented his faith? And will you discover any faith on Discovery's "Curiosity" series? And you'll find links to the fat-free, calorie-free salad dressing we mentioned.

Friday, Aug 05, 2011

Did you hear us turn the tables on Carmen and give her a lipstick personality test?  You'll find pictures of the latest fashions at The New Store in Thibodaux, Louisiana. You'll also find our tribute to John Stott along with links to his teaching, and you'll find the recipe to that fruit dipping sauce we talked about.

Thursday, Aug 04, 2011

Right off the bat, Dave stirred things up by asking Carmen if it was time to get her roots done. We posted a link to the women's ombre hairstyle, so you can see if you like this trend in women's hair. Bill met a guy who eats spiders and Carmen found an inspirational story of saving a trapped humpback whale. Now, is that something our Lucy or the real Lucy would do?

Wednesday, Aug 03, 2011

So, your boss comes in and says, "Guess what everyone, we're going to take personality tests today!" Essentially, when Carmen took a personality profile, that's what happened to Dave and Bill. If you've ever wondered what makes The Morning Cruise the quirky team they are, you are about to find out. Also, someone asked us what you can blend in our new Blender Bottles, and college football fans, life is just a few Saturdays away from getting better!

Tuesday, Aug 02, 2011

This morning we entered the fray, giving a take on the whole debate about the debt ceiling bill. There was an inspirational story that came out of it. For fun, Carmen brought a Blender Bottle for Bill to test out, and we put links to Dara Maclean's debut record and information on praying for our Muslim neighbors.

Monday, Aug 01, 2011

Welcome to August, and welcome back to the show! Today, we brought you a take on that controversial NASCAR prayer. Dave talked about a beautiful bed and breakfast. Carmen got excited about a new product. We also published a link to a prayer guide for the Muslim world.

Thursday, Jul 21, 2011

Here are highlights from THURSDAY's and FRIDAY's shows! (Consider it a bonus.) We have links to new videos, our birthday call to Brandon Heath, the chat with the missionary hosting the Russia Worship Conference, the moment Dave got in trouble for "work-cation," and our goodbye to Hayley the intern.

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011

You've heard of stay-cation, but how about work-cation: the inability to unplug? Carmen and Dave brought us some true southern cooking. Carmen's daughter Abbey helped someone win tickets to our 25th Anniversary concert and we nearly got caught up in Google Plus!

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011

We added lots of links from today's show! You'll find the recipe that Food Network personality Giada made for William and Kate. You'll also find the discussion about going to a restaurant you hate, Carmen's story about the stolen camera, Dave's musical and those spider videos Bill talked about.

Monday, Jul 18, 2011

Dave, Bill and Carmen were back today after some time off. You won't believe what Carmen did on her "summer vacation." Bill had some unwelcome house guests, and Dave spent time with his sons at Universal Studios, which brought up Harry Potter.

Monday, Jun 27, 2011

HERE is where you'll find Summer Cruise 6 stuff all week! You can see it live on Ustream. And you'll see daily highlight videos, hear some of our favorite moments from each stop and find links to pictures and other content.

Thursday, Jun 23, 2011

Did you vote for Bill's jeans? (One pair seems to have a leg up on the rest.) Today, we shared one of our favorite moments from last year's Summer Cruise. Dave told us about the latest reality TV show featuring a Sarasota native, and Payton (8) shared sushi with his dad.

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011

Did you get to meet new artist Dara Maclean this morning? (You've heard her song "Suitcases.") She stopped by and shared stories, life snapshots and live songs! Also, there's a new blogger in Dave's household.

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011

Uh oh! (They're dressing Bill again.) We're getting ready for The Summer Cruise 6 with Chris August! That means, of course, Bill has a checklist, and it's getting sticky! Dave noticed something about parents, grandparents and technology. And Carmen is inviting you to join her in Honduras!

Monday, Jun 20, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the Sushi place. (You have to hear Carmen's story!) Did you hear about the incomplete pledge at the U.S. Open? Dave has a different take on it. And Father's Day was very special for Bill's family this year.

Thursday, Jun 16, 2011

Find the link to the huge Lego Fortress and the article we mentioned in our morning devotion that talks about the spiritual condition of teens and twenty-somethings. It's Father's Day weekend, and some of us found out we sound just like dad. Also, Do you play Angry Birds? We don't. Well, that is until Kris stole Bill's phone. And get some good advice from Bill's son's graduation speaker, musician Randy Estelle.

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011

Today, we taste-tested Batter Blaster--Mmmm! Pancakes in a cheeze-whiz aerosol can! You'll get the first-hand results, and you'll heare from a real pro: Nathan from Sarasota Cupcake Company.

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011

Carmen was away, preparing for Pete's mom's funeral. Meanwhile, it was Flag Day and Father's Day, all in the same week! (It's almost too much!) Hear Red Skelton, in 1969, talk about the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. And, have you tried MIO?

Monday, Jun 13, 2011

Girls' Night Out was grand this past weekend. Carmen talked about one of her favorite moments, when Mandisa got real with the audience and then lifted them up with her beautiful voice. We had to press through some Monday morning technical issues today, but that didn't keep us from making fun of Bill's Zumba video some more or sharing a devotional thought about promise and fulfilment.

Friday, Jun 10, 2011

The gauntlet has been thrown! We cooked up a (half-baked) cupcake challenge this morning. You'll also hear what it's like to find your driver's license JUST after ordering a new one, and Dave found out it's easy to find Carmen in a crowded restaurant.

Thursday, Jun 09, 2011

You'll find the link to the video of Ernestine Shepherd, the world's oldest body builder! The day after Zumba, and the idignity (of Bill in a ridiculous workout outfit) reached new heights! See the video and hear Carmen and Dave enjoying the moment. Of course, participating in Zumba can inspire healthy habits, and by the way, have you ever had a dream like this?

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2011

You'll hear Mandisa from this morning's show! She brought her Zumba instructor, Rebecca, and her friend Brooks. You'll hear their inspiring stories toward weight loss and health. Oh, and there's this bit about the YMCA and Bill's Zuma outfit.

Tuesday, Jun 07, 2011

Today was Bill and Kimberly's 20th Anniversary. First of all, it seems strange to Bill that you could forget your anniversary. (He called his wife just to make sure SHE didn't!) You'll find links to some videos we brought you this morning, including the bike-riding kid's motivational speech!

Monday, Jun 06, 2011

She looked down and the guage read ZERO! We're all thankful she made it to the show today, but Carmen's fuel fail prompted us to what Bill is doing to get free gas cards. (Maybe Carmen was still feeling puny after sitting in front of Shaq.) And you have to hear Dave's wife's story of the snake and the frog!

Friday, Jun 03, 2011

Well, we got a little tech-crazy for a Friday morning. Carmen's janky iPhone started us off. Then, we wondered about whether Google Wallet is the real-deal for the future.  Dave admitted that he's a little behind the times when it comes to HDTV, and you'll find a bit of encouragement for those times when you really can't see what God is doing in your life.

Thursday, Jun 02, 2011

From caffeine pants to the ostrich pillow, we found new products today. Also, we brought you graduation stories, a visit to the country and has anyone seen Carmen's driver's license?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We hope you had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Dave did some grilling, but really got a hankerin' for home made ice cream. Bill got nostalgic watching his oldest son change his brakes. You'll also find links to a life sized hot wheels stunt video.

Friday, May 27, 2011

We couldn't bring you to Alabama with us, so this morning we tried to bring our Alabama gift-card presentation trip to you! You'll hear stories, impressions, anecdotes, and you'll find links to photos and video.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today, we were getting ready to let the folks in Alabama know exactly what you've done for them in gift cards! Meantime we had a little counseling with Dave and Carmen and told some family stories about candles and Power Rangers!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We met the band Royal Tailor today (make sure you spell it correctly)! Uh oh! Bill got another dance lesson. We also talked about that phenomenal proposal that people have been watching online.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is this the last day of earth history? We responded to the predictions of the end of the world. It may not have been the end of the world, but when Carmen's youngest daughter asked for a piercing, Carmen wasn't exactly a rapturous mom. And for Jayar's birthday, we celebrated with cheese (literal and figurative).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did you hear the rest of the story about the 5 year old who donated his bike gift cards? We talked with his mom on and gave her some good news! Also, Bill realized he's outnumbered by teens and Dave said students who imitate the 70s often get it right!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today, we revealed the totals for Gift Cards for Alabama. Wow! You have to hear our call to Pastor Mike Oliver of First Baptist Church of Williams, Alabama. More than just numbers were revealed, though: Carmen shared the very personal story of how God used the Alabama connection to redeem her relationship with her dad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He's coming with us on The Summer Cruise, but who knew Chris August could rap? You'll find the link to the Chris August video, "Candy Wrap" here. Also, we posted the picture of the new Summer Cruise t-shirt, and Bill brought the fashion advice! (Is that a typo?)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chris August was in-studio this morning, and he even had Carmen thrown off! We shared some crazy fun and some more meanigful moments. Also, we were so excited about last Friday's gift-card drive!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Today, we wanted to make history. With your help, we will have collected enough gift cards to release a $33,000 match from the Patterson Foundation. You'll hear our friend Gretchen stop by to start things off early. You'll also hear our conversation with Carmen's cousin who lives near the Alabama community that was devastated by tornadoes, and Dave brought Bill some information on a landmark in his hometown, the Anna Maria (City) Pier.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Did you hear the news? We now have a goal for Gift Cards for Alabama, thanks to The Patterson Foundation! You'll also hear a conversation with Matthew West about his trip to Panama, memories, and his song, "Strong Enough."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And the winner is... We had the macaroni and cheese taste-off today. There was a clear winner! You'll get the recipes. What would you do if your job put you in a moral dilemma? We talked with recently unemployed TV news personality, Jack Church about it. And you'll hear a fish story. A sad fish story.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The die is cast. Two mac-n-cheese recipes will vie for the coveted title of "Morning Cruise Favorite" tomorrow morning: our best attempts at Bobby Flay vs. Paula Deen in a taste-off tomorrow at 9:00.  You'll also find links to the World Magazine story on Osama Bin Laden, Love Bugs and Eyelashes, and where to find your missing stuff if you have college kids.

Monday, May 09, 2011

It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We hope you enjoyed the great weather and maybe even made it to the beach? Dave didn't, because he was too busy trying (not) to buy a car. Meanwhile, Carmen was dreaming of Paula Deen's macaroni and cheese.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Oh, by the way, this weekend is Mother's Day! With all the tornado relief we've been putting together this week, we almost missed it. Not to worry, Dave has a lovely card to give to his mother-in-law, and Bill has as story to motivate his sons--the story of the velvet purse. Also, a week ago today we were counting down to the royal kiss. It was nothing compared to THIS kiss!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Today was the 60th National Day of Prayer. We posted a link to learn all about prayer. Also, we shared a conversation with Mike Oliver, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Williams, Alabama, leading up to a JOY FM family gift card drive!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bill was back after a couple of days off, and he brought stories... just in time for Dave to react to Star Wars Day. Plus, Carmen told the story of how the twisters in Alabama hit REAL close to home, and she began to unfold what we are planning to help the folks there.

Friday, Apr 29, 2011

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." St Catherine of Siena (from today's royal wedding). Bill thought it was a Christ-honoring service. Carmen empathized with those missing Diana. We honored a co-worker's milestone birthday, and had a lot of fun!

Thursday, Apr 28, 2011

Here's where you'll find the conversation with Laura Story about her taped-up dress, the Dove Awards and her new song, "Blessings," along with highlights from Thursday's show.

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011

We spent some time re-living favorite moments from Atlanta this morning. Of course, last week's Dove Awards and Live from Brandon Heath's Kitchen Table is soon to be overshadowed by cupcakes and "the wedding." (At least, according to Carmen's mom.)

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011

Here are highlights from our shows Live in Atlanta:

He moved the table to Atlanta for the 42nd Annual Dove Awards: our third annual Brandon Heath’s Kitchen Table show was live from a penthouse in The Georgian Terrace.  You’ll hear our favorite moments with Mark Hall, Lindsay McCaul, Natalie Grant, Tenth Avenue North and Brandon Heath.

Monday, Apr 18, 2011

It's the beginning of what church folks sometimes call "Holy Week." For us, though, it's more like "Hurry Week," as we fly out to the Dove Awards in Atlanta for two special live broadcasts! Meantime, folks around here took advantage of a gorgeous weekend, and one local Sarasota resident is trying to take advantage of the law to shut down prayer before city council meetings.

Friday, Apr 15, 2011

On our way to The Dove Awards next week, we were pretty excited about the broadcast from Brandon Heath's (Suite) Kitchen Table, but Bill had one regret. Carmen realized being at the beach with a friend is just about the best, and Dave is gonna make Jayar nervous at TobyMac tonight.

Thursday, Apr 14, 2011

We had an impromptu Zumba video contest this morning. Congrats to Luke and Michelle who are now booked on the Dove Bus! And Carmen finally 'fessed up to facing her dentist after giving him unsolicited medical advice.

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2011

Bill can't dance. It's true. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have rhythm (so he thinks)! Hear the debate from this morning, watch the (embarassing) video and while you're here, see if you would be willing to jump off a building.

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011

Mandisa spent the morning with us, and it was a blast! She shared songs from her new release, What if We Were Real?, she did a live song, we shared some real struggles and triumphs, and she even gave Bill a Zumba lesson. Hear it and see it here.

Monday, Apr 11, 2011

Dave was back from Atlanta today! Carmen was being a mom to her sick daughter and seeing her dentist whom, it is reputed, she once cured of Plantar fasciitis (tune in tomorrow for that little nugget). Meanwhile, Dave and Bill "counseled" (to butcher the term) a student on her way to the FCAT, and in honor of statewide testing, played "The Answer is C" for TobyMac tickets.

Friday, Apr 08, 2011

Bill got some help, finally, with Dave and Carmen in Atlanta today. Your stories filled in some of the gaps in the show today, and 8-year old Payton rode shotgun during the later part of the show.

Thursday, Apr 07, 2011

Dave and Carmen were in Atlanta this morning, but before they left, they tried to *help* Bill get support for Friday's show. It didn't go well. Also, Bill introduced you to a student from a local high school who is changing lives halfway around the world.

Wednesday, Apr 06, 2011

We re-posted the links to Tullian's talk on grace and getting an "A" today. You'll also hear Dave's hilarious story about Carmen causing the GPS to speak Spanish, Bill's story of the "50-camel girl," and our call to Brandon Heath to nail down details on our annuual "Live from Brandon Heath's Kitchen Table" event!

Tuesday, Apr 05, 2011

This morning you heard (or maybe missed) a great story of grace from Steve Brown, told by Tullian Tchividjian, a story that formed part of a long message on grace and the Gospel. Also, did you hear Carmen's mom spelling words to keep her dog from going nuts? 

Monday, Apr 04, 2011

It's Monday, ugh! ("Yes, but yesterday was church! We should be filled up!") That's a Jesus Juke. What? You need to hear the conversation on Jesus Jukes. Also, it was a proud parent moment for Carmen!

Friday, Apr 01, 2011

Just a bit distracting this morning, as listeners started reporting a strange "ding" sound. Not to worry: we found out who or what was causing the problem. Meanwhile, Dave lamented his frozen Kindle, and Carmen took the lead on a call to Mike of MIKESCHAIR to celebrate their being added to the Dove Awards performers' list!

Thursday, Mar 31, 2011

Stormy weather plagued us this morning. But we pressed through and came up with a couple of TobyMac tickets for someone who was willing to help us re-live an old commercial. The challenge was inspired by our Coke-Pepsi taste off in which our discerning palates were put to the test.

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011

As a follow up to the "NO" list, Carmen brought more wisdom on balancing work and other priorities. Dave answered the "Coke vs. Pepsi" dilemma, and we were shocked to realize just how old the Karate Kid is!

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011

You'll find highlights from today's show, including a link to the local outreach to Japan we mentioned, the Louie Giglio story behind "I Lift My Hands," our call to the Dove Bus Winner and Carlos, Carmen's hairdresser. Also, you may know Starbucks is having a birthday, but did you know who gave the francise its name?

Monday, Mar 28, 2011

Did you hear about the new 12-minute washer? Dave wants SOMEONE to be impressed! Chris Tomlin not only impressed us, he had us cracking up talking about some early recordings. And our collective jaws were dropped over the weekend as we learned to make music with the heavens.

Thursday, Mar 24, 2011

Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio graced our studios this morning, just before their concerts tonight and Saturday. We had quite a time talking about God's putting a bow on the Ashley story, about the impact of their global and local music and ministry and, well... they played the BFF version of The Newlywed Game!

Wednesday, Mar 23, 2011

You'll find the link to what Carmen was talking about: strategies for learning to say NO, and you'll hear the whole discussion. Also, Becca Wilson has a similary tendency to Carmen's: mixing up words. We called Josh Wilson to get his list! And Dave has clicked the little green leaf one too many times!

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2011

In case you missed it, you'll hear the story of Ashley re-told with a new ending! Also, if you own or are planning to own a Kindle, you might need to know about the problem Bill had with his cover. And Dave's mom had a dream that was a bit taxing, with a surprise ending.

Monday, Mar 21, 2011

Bill would have posted this sooner, but he can't even find time to make a move in Words With Friends! Carmen found time for important things by giving up Facebook for Lent. And if running is all you feel like you do, maybe you could help Carmen get motivated to run more!

Friday, Mar 18, 2011

We talked with Danny Iverson, a local "MK" (missionary kid) who is on his way to Japan with relief and hope in the good news of Jesus Christ. Also, you'll find links to the Revolve Tour and the man candles Dave was talking about.

Thursday, Mar 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's day! Bill forgot to wear green today (loser) but he did come up with some interesting stuff on the historical St. Patrick! A friend, though, had a worse day when a four-minute drive cost him $114.00. Dave was gazing at the "super moon" scheudled for Saturday, and we tried to raise $1000.00 to help Japan today.

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011

We re-posted info on the "Bowling with Chris Tomlin" contest, and we posted a few other links you might like. And you'll hear audio highlights from today's show, including a discussion on the book Captivating, and the virtues of collecting coins and converting them via Coinstar.

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011

We gave you lots of links today: the video clip of Savannah's 911 call, Chris Tomlin's spoof video, bowl cuts for black people and more! And you'll hear Jason sing his wife into a pair of tickets with our version of "Singing Bee."

Monday, Mar 14, 2011

Dave's mom marked another "first" over the weekend. Meanwhile, Carmen found a new running app (which helped with the hankerin' she had for Chipotle)! And though life went on as normal, the weekend was marked by the tragedy in Japan.

Friday, Mar 11, 2011

What a shocker! We all woke up to reports of a devastating earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan. Bill shared a bit of his experience traveling to India after the 2004 tsunami. You'll also find a link to Bill's videos from Homes of Hope.

Thursday, Mar 10, 2011

Still in the after-Friendraiser funk, we nonetheless brought it this morning! (Winning...duh!) Carmen got radical with her Facebook page for Lent, Dave positioned himself to avoid painting, and Bill tried to help people overwhelmed with Bible reading!

Wednesday, Mar 09, 2011

We made it!!! FriendRaiser was a success! We celebrated the support, every gift and every person. We also posted some links you may want, to join the JOY FM team, to new music from Francesca Battistelli, and to a new video from Matthew West.

Friday, Mar 04, 2011

Since WEDNESDAY, we've been doing Friendraiser. Click here to get the 411 on it. Back to the show by next Wednesday, assuming the needs get met. THANK YOU for supporting The JOY FM!

Monday, Feb 28, 2011

She made it! Today, we celebrated Carmen's 40th birthday milestone--not the birthday, but completing the Disney Princess Half-Marathon! It was definitely worth the celebration, and Carmen learned how a running a marathon is a lot like our spiritual life.

Friday, Feb 25, 2011

We met Carmen's co-princesses for Sunday's half-marathon! Fun conversation with those girls, plus some more excitement over the new tank tops Carmen found, and Bill found a link between good marriage and intelligence.

Thursday, Feb 24, 2011

We were "captivated" by the discussion on Captivating today. Dave captivated us with a local color story from his small-town church. Plus, you'll find the conversation we had with the band Building 429!

Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011

Since Tuesday, when Building 429 showed up here with new artist Lindsay McCaul, we've been busy trying to share some fun stuff with you! You'll find audio, video and links to free music here! Plus, girls will love Carmen's tank top story, and we can all appreciate the story of  Dave's family Bible.

Monday, Feb 21, 2011

Today, you'll find links that answer the question, "How do I get started running like Carmen did?" and to the app everyone is using to do a daily Bible reading plan.

Friday, Feb 18, 2011

Dave is headed to Louisiana this weekend, Carmen to Arizona. You'll find out why we're flying around. Closer to home, Bill had a proud parent moment at the ballfield yesterday. And if you're a parent (or if you're just human), you gotta feel sad for what's happening with Miley Cyrus. You'll also hear from listeners who saw The Grace Card movie in Ocala.

Thursday, Feb 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Kris P. Kreme! We celebrated (without cake, btw)... and then, on second thought, we realized all we could think about was red velvet cake, so we called Nathan at Cakes by Ron. With Dove Award nominations out, there was more celebration. We called Mike of MIKESCHAIR, who got nominated in FOUR categories! And you'll hear about the latest winner on Jeopardy, "Watson."

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011

Cod liver oil, Thin Mints and Amy Grant: What do they have in common? Well, for one, all three got a spot on our show highlights today! Plus, you'll find the link to a new blogsite that will help you think "Christianly."

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

"Carmen, get back soon and bring some sanity to this show!" is what Bill exclaimed when Dave launched into a scheme to have Kris P. Kreme cook breakfast on his car engine. We also put some rumors to rest about Serene Branson, the reporter who slurred her words after the Grammys and shared a dozen-year old memory with a caller.

Monday, Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! You'll find a list of the love songs we played from your favorite artists this morning. You'll also get the link to the Brandon Heath "Pirate Ship" video, and you'll hear the touching story of Dave's dad's strawberries. AND you'll get info on how to start training for a marathon (half-marathon)!

Friday, Feb 11, 2011

A Valentine's Day story that will warm your heart: hear Dave talk about his dad's strawberries. Dave was in a storytelling mood today: maybe it's that time of year! If you need help planning a wedding, Dave found a planner for you, and... (What was that third thing?) Oh! Yes, you'll find a devise to help your brain and links to videos here.

Thursday, Feb 10, 2011

Ever wonder what Bible translation to use? The Morning Cruise talked about it this morning, along with a homespun story about Carmen's Aunt Bea and an intervention over Bill's call to Jayar.

Wednesday, Feb 09, 2011

Josh Wilson stopped by today to share his new release, See You! We loved catching up with our Summer Cruise veteran, hearing stories behind some of the songs, surprising him with his wife on the phone playing The Newleywed Game and hearing a live performance with Carmen's toaster!

Tuesday, Feb 08, 2011

The numbers are in, and they show Jayar is younger and hipper than TMC. What!? We voiced our concerns about this today (and the phones never stopped). Dave called his son Jaymes, and we brought Jayar on the show to talk about it!

Monday, Feb 07, 2011

It had nothing to do with the Super Bowl (though we did find one ad that was funneling dollars to a good cause and Bill's family watched and tweeted), but today, kiddies, we learned the difference between plantar warts and plantar fasciitis, thanks to Carmen's medical advice for her dentist. Did you get all that? Well, then, take some notes on your poo paper

Friday, Feb 04, 2011

With Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, Ben Rothelisberger is at the center of several conversations, not all positive. Carmen brought up the recent influence of TobyMac's music on Ben. Also, we found a friend playing a part in the new Brandon Heath music video, and Carmen noticed it even through her crooked glasses!

Thursday, Feb 03, 2011

What a story of reconciliation and redemption, a story that started with a simple customer complaint! And what's in a name? Well, Ben or Aaron might be especially popular this weekend. And

Wednesday, Feb 02, 2011

Do you celebrate Groundhog Day? Of course not! But this doctor does, in a big way! Guess who we called? Phoebe, who "got" Carmen after quite a while being out of touch. And if you've ever had to answer the door in pajamas, you'll appreciate what happened to Carmen last night.

Tuesday, Feb 01, 2011

When your order requires five visits to the kitchen, a translator and the entire inventory of a small vegetable farm, maybe someone should call you out on it. Dave and Bill did that, lovingly, to Carmen. Also, do you ever go out of your way to appreciate law enforcement officers?

Monday, Jan 31, 2011

Lots of crackup moments on the show today. Despite a tragedy that was close to home and the need for faith and prayer for lots of students today, Carmen, Dave and Bill each shared stories that made this Monday a little lighter, stories of running, walking and breaking things.

Friday, Jan 28, 2011

Do you put off getting new glasses? Carmen had an eye-opening experience at the optometrist's office. Joey eeked-out a win in Catch Phrase, and Dave was given the opportunity to imagine what it's like raising daughters.

Thursday, Jan 27, 2011

What a story of reconciliation and grace this morning! You'll hear that plus folks helping with Mr. Mom recipes and a glimpse into the 25 year heritage of The JOY FM... Oh, and get a link to the miracle cream with the "indelicate" title AND find Emilie's chicken croquettes recipe.

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011

The great haircut saga came to a conclusion, and you'll see the before and after shots.

Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011

We did life together on the show today. There was laughter over a haircut and mourning over our community's fallen officers. We played together and we prayed together. Listen and join in!

Monday, Jan 24, 2011

Dave is sitting in his office right now. His truck is not out front. Find out why. She has more than doubled her distance, but Carmen is still nervous about the half marathon. And reading Genesis can be an emotional experience!

Friday, Jan 21, 2011

Dave and Bill had some fun today giving away Chris Tomlin concert tickets and asking Kris P. Kreme important questions like "Did you have a nose job?" and "How many times do you wear jeans before washing?" Yeah. That and some comments on Governor Scott's Twitter Town Hall meeting and driving home in the fog.

Thursday, Jan 20, 2011

While Bill worked on a new blog post, Dave was getting hungry! Good thing today is National Potluck Day! As far as "luck," American Idol may be running out of it, when even Donny Osmond becomes a critic, and Bill had the best of intentions but still had a little Bible disaster at the dining room table.

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011

The day after our big day with Brandon Heath, and we had some good memories (lodged in our barely-functional brains), a lot of exhaustion and a few quirky observations on life. That was pretty much the day. Oh, and PacMan TV. Seriously.

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011

Here's where you'll find the stories of the songs on Leaving Eden, the new record from Brandon Heath that hit store shelves today!  We tracked the ENTIRE record on our show and let Brandon talk about each song

Monday, Jan 17, 2011

Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We looked at the legacy of the civil rights leader and read and excerpt from his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." Dave found a connection between MKL and HG Wells, and Bill got in trouble with his droid at church.

Friday, Jan 14, 2011

Fun show today with Mike Grayson of the band MIKESCHAIR. We had Mike play Catch Phrase with a listener, and we surprised him with a family phone call! Also, Carmen got a new running soundtrack for her half marathon, and Bill got all freaky on us.

Thursday, Jan 13, 2011

We caught up with Brandon Heath and shared that conversation on the show today. He's anxious to get here (warmer weather) next week! Also, we tried to give a cajon demonstration, and did you hear the President's remarks last night?

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011

We caught up with a funny guy today: Mark Lowry is coming to town. He had us rofl today! Dave was seeing green today, as in the Green Hornet, and Carmen was caught by a conjunction..."though."

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011

We posted a link to a story on the faith of several victims in the Arizona shooting. When you die, you will leave a legacy: we talked about the legacy Dave's dad left. Carmen also had some fun conversation about running (once she got rid of Dave and Bill), and someone finally got the answer to the Brandon Heath question right!  

Monday, Jan 10, 2011

The weekend brought tragedy for our nation and specifically for families in Arizona, where an assassination of a U.S. Congresswoman was attempted. We responded to it in the midst of stories and songs this morning. You'll also hear about Carmen's half-marathon, Bill's (rescued) dog, and Dave's son's worries about being supoenaed by the government!

Thursday, Jan 06, 2011

You heard the story of Ted Williams this morning. You'll find video links here, plus, we dedicated a lot of the show today to telling the success story of Florida Baptist Children's Homes. Sheri Battles talked with us about how Christian families are making a BIG difference in the statewide plight of orphans.

Wednesday, Jan 05, 2011

Passion 2011 in Atlanta wrapped up yesterday, and Carmen caught part of Louie Giglio's message on carrying a name. You'll hear the story of Theresa, a couple of Brandon Heath karaoke contestants, and what to do if you have a choice between tickets to the Cotton Bowl and $200.00.

Tuesday, Jan 04, 2011

How are your New Year's plans to read more coming? Dave loaded some new books on the Kindle. Meanwhile, Bill missed the books Dave took from him. Carmen was sick at home, so chuckles were provided by Bill's kids... on skates... on ice.

Monday, Jan 03, 2011

Back after some holiday time off, Bill and Carmen were back in the studio with Dave this morning, encouraging you to make a habit of daily Bible reading. You'll also hear about Dave's 7-hour wait for one theme park ride. Carmen has been training for her half-marathon, even while she was at Young Life camp last week, watching a teen's life change forever.

Thursday, Dec 23, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today was a very special edition of The Morning Cruise , featuring our full-length radio drama, a radio adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  You'll find the episodes here!!!!

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2010

Christmas is almost here! Word to the wise: if they run out of her favorite lipstick, don't try to change her color! (Bill needed a little help with this.) We played a couple of rounds Catch Phrase and were amazed with how in-tune Carmen and her contestant were, especially since she nearly stuck her foot in her mouth!

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010

WELCOME BACK DAVE CRUSE! For a week and a half, we've missed Dave. Today, he talked about some of what he experienced the past week in his hometown, he reacted to Carmen's signing up for the half-marathon and chimed in on a discussion of C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters.

Monday, Dec 20, 2010

Matthew West gave us a surprise Christmas call today! You'll hear what he's up to for Christmas, including a benefit in memory of Dax, the inspiration for "One Last Christmas." Also, we posted links to win a beautiful Tolani scarf and to post the online red kettle.

Friday, Dec 17, 2010

On today's show, Carmen was wrestling with the (crazy) idea of running a half marathon! Hear what her athletic friend Kellie had to say about it. And nothing says "Christmas" like choral music, according to Bill.

Thursday, Dec 16, 2010

You'll find a link here to the book Carmen read from this morning. Also, for those grieving during the holidays, you'll hear our conversation with Chris and Vivi from Tampa Bay Christian Counseling Center.

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2010

If you heard our version of the Christmas story, we call it our "Christmas Montage," you'll find a link to share it with a friend. Also, Carmen is trying to decide if she wants to run a half marathon, and Bill got an unexpected Christmas gift yesterday... a nice fat bill! Oh, and Kris finally gave away White Christmas on Catch Phrase.

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2010

Do you say exactly what you're thinking, all the time...to everyone? Carmen (who does) has a mom whose "filter" has fallen off. For those with C.S. Lewis in mind, you'll hear a conversation about The Screwtape Letters. And we shared about attending the memorial service and paid tribute to Dave's dad.

Friday, Dec 10, 2010

Today was an installment of Carmen's Favorite Things. We got some fun stories of guys giving bad gifts and had some fun contestants on the show.

Thursday, Dec 09, 2010

From today's show you'll hear Bill's conversation with Douglas Gresham, executive producer of the Narnia movies and C.S.Lewis's stepson.  But nothing could have prepared us for the news we got "suddenly" this morning regarding Dave's dad.  

Wednesday, Dec 08, 2010

Our conversation with Amy Grant is here! Also, you'll find links to the Northpoint Church iBand and Dave's sons' parody video, the one that several schools have incorporated into their Christmas program! Oh, and Carmen will run her first 5K tonight! We checked to see that she was ready.

Tuesday, Dec 07, 2010

Here are highlights from today's show, along with links to make a difference in the world this Christmas. And if you missed it, we did the big announcement about The JOY FM's 25th Anniversary, then we gave away tickets (with some help from Carmen on kazoo) to the spring 2011 Tomlin and Toby shows!

Monday, Dec 06, 2010

You'll find Carmen's "Favorite Things" list here! Today we gave away ONE of her favorite things (more on future shows). You'll also find the "One Last Christmas" video by Matthew West. And you'll hear our discussion of C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters.

Friday, Dec 03, 2010

Decoration Day on The Morning Cruise was a hoot. Jayar stopped by and "helped" (we use the term loosely), and Carmen decided to play a round of Catch Phrase: Morning Cruise Edition Win Something for... or... (oh, you know)!

Thursday, Dec 02, 2010

We called (and woke up) Mike of MIKESCHAIR this morning, and we did it for a VERY good cause. You'll hear Mike's response. You'll also hear a snippet of our fully dramatized version of A Christmas Carol, and Carmen has some words for those hurting during the holidays.

Wednesday, Dec 01, 2010

Carmen came in with surprises for everyone this morning! So, we played Catch Phrase" Cruise Edition... uhhh... you'll have to listen for the rest of the name! You'll hear the contestants and what they won

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010

Here you'll find the link to the "Mary and Joseph" devotion Dave read this morning. You'll also meet the band Addison Road, hear about Carmen's plan to decorate the studio and hear Bill's enthusiasm for the latest Narnia movie!

Monday, Nov 29, 2010

Naturally after the long Thanksgiving weekend, Dave, Bill and Carmen had some adventures to share and stories to tell this morning. You'll hear about Carmen's quest to conquer the 5K, find Paula Deen's macaroni & cheese recipe and hope, with Dave, that his Christmas musical doesn't turn out as badly as Spiderman on Broadway!

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010

Not only Thanksgiving and the holidays, but Dave had something else to celebrate: His parents' anniversary, number uhh... (he doesn't know)!  Bill sustained a common cooking injury, but still had a thankful heart.

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010

It's starting to feel a lot like family as we get close to Thanksgiving and the holidays. Dave and Bill had dinner on the brain, and tried to get someone to bake a special dessert. Dave also warned us about the turkey cannon. And Bill asked, "Is this a thanksgiving miracle?" 

Monday, Nov 22, 2010

Thanksgiving week is here! Dave and Bill are holding down the fort while Carmen takes a much-needed rest. So, we helped folks get ready for the holidays with cranberries, cherpumple pie and a comparison of various brands of THE hot gift for this year -- e-readers. 

Friday, Nov 19, 2010

MercyMe!  Here are highlights from our Friday show with the entire band just prior to the Lovewell tour's last weekend, wrapping up here in The JOY FM's backyard! 

Thursday, Nov 18, 2010

With Mercy Me coming to town, we wanted you to hear the powerful story of Jennifer Smith, whose life on the streets, addicted and abused, has been totally transformed. How did it happen? It started with a Mercy Me song.

Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010

Wow! Have you tried Pumpkin Pie ice cream? We did this morning. Vicks under your socks apparently has a therapeutic effect, and Carmen got some relief by visiting the reflexologist.  

Monday, Nov 15, 2010

A friendly little suggestion from Dave turned into a broil over whether or not words could be as fun as a Chris Tomlin song! We got a baseball yarn from Bill, and Carmen told the touching story of Matthew West and Gregory.

Friday, Nov 12, 2010

Jason Castro was with us on the show today. You may remember him from American Idol, season 7, with David Cook and Sarasota's Sayesha Mercado. Among other things, we got the scoop on his creative marriage proposal!

Thursday, Nov 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010 sent us to a familiar but powerful song by Mark Schultz that captures the spirit of remembrance.  Give the video a glance and get back to us: We'd ask you to text, but predictive texting can yield some hilarious results.

Tuesday, Nov 09, 2010

Looking for some daily encouragement in following Christ? We found some in talking with our long-time friend, Kat Davis, author of a new book called The Daily Verse. And Carmen showed up with a crock pot full of chili this morning!

Monday, Nov 08, 2010

Besides the fact that we had a lot to share from The Story of Your Life tour, including two full-circle moments and the Foot Fungus song we "pranked" Matthew West with, we also collected turkeys and completely missed Dave's chili payoff!

Friday, Nov 05, 2010

We had a FUN morning with Josh Wilson and Matthew West. Check out some of the highlights as you get ready for the last three shows of The Story of Your Life tour.

Thursday, Nov 04, 2010

Getting ready for the LSU-Bama game this weekend, Dave and Carmen set up a little competition with chili as the prize. Dave and Bill lamented a false Billy Graham e-mail that's making the rounds, and we shared a memory with one of Josh Wilson's most endearing qualities: his wife, Becca!

Wednesday, Nov 03, 2010

It's turning cooler this weekend, so we had a hankerin' (well, Dave and Bill did) for chili! (Carmen prefers white chicken chili or no-meat crockpot recipes.) Carmen set up a blog post to collect YOUR recipes. She also had a "mom payday" yesterday at the polls.  

Tuesday, Nov 02, 2010

Turkeys flew yesterday! We gave the good news of how many were donated, then had someone gobble like a turkey to win Matthew West concert tickets. Do yourself a favor. Listen to what happened.

Monday, Nov 01, 2010

With Matthew West's The Story of Your Life tour coming, we took the time to re-live his recent surprise visit for two listeners whose stories appear as songs on his record. Also, We got ready for T-Shirts for Turkeys this afternoon and going to the polls for mid-term elections tomorrow.

Friday, Oct 29, 2010

So, you've been de-friended on Facebook. Does it go deeper than a simple address book cleanup? Sometimes, it does. That discussion was today. Also, Matthew West's song "Broken Girl" is giving girls boldness and leading to healing.

Thursday, Oct 28, 2010

We're getting ready for a couple of major events here: Matthew West's Story of Your Life tour and T-Shirts for Turkeys. Today, we revisited the Matthew West story about how his venerable grandfather got converted. Here's a hint: one day it just hit him! Also, how can giving out of abundance be sacrificial?

Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010

Between technical difficulties with our page lately and Bill being sick, we offer this quick update from this morning's show: Bill heard back from the UF entemology folks about his giant ground hornet! He got the e-mail on his droid, which raised the question of smartphone etiquette. And speaking of mistaken identity, has Dave got a story for you!

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010

You thought robots taking over the world was just a remote possibility? (No pun intended.) Then you haven't heard about robonaut! Also, the clock did its best work marking the passage of time AFTER it gave up the ghost.

Monday, Oct 25, 2010

You'll hear portions of our show with Brandon Heath (just in case you missed it Friday)! Brandon talked about his new songs from Leaving Eden. Also, we caught him in a little foot-in-mouth moment.

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

We made a mess of things today. Really. But, on the bright side, the replay of "Operation Story of Your Life" went well. And we didn't do too bad sharing some family moments.  

Monday, Oct 18, 2010

Operation "Story of Your Life" unfolded on the show today. We shared the surprise visit of Matthew West as he came to our studios to debut two songs from his new record, The Story of Your Life, with the JOY FM listeners who inspired them! Click to hear the surprising, emotional and tender moments we shared.

Friday, Oct 15, 2010

In town for the FEEDPOLK benefit this weekend, the vocal band Mosaic stopped by our studios. You'll hear them sing live (and think you're hearing instruments). Carmen was hearing and seeing things yesterday in her Zumba class with Mandisa, including a certain move.

Thursday, Oct 14, 2010

Don't miss one of your favorite artists in a hiphop parody video! Bill wants indifferent teens to become passionate and articulate about their faith. Also, you'll hear the story about the note on the altar and how it is encouraging us that we can change, and Dave, irritated by crooked wall art, wasn't the only one to think "moon landing" as he watched the rescue of the Chilean miners.

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010

This was our first day back after a successful Share-a-thon! And you should hear what happened to Carmen when we crossed the finish line! Also, Dave was struck by the image of men being rescued from the Chilean mine where they have been trapped for over two months, and Bill got a little education from a Rays fan!

Monday, Oct 04, 2010

It's the day before Share-a-thon (no highlights on this page until October 13), and things are a bit crazy around here. First, the Alabama-Florida game was on our (Carmen's) mind, then we had a little intervention this morning with the hummus/cereal burglar... Oh! And he (Kris) posted a video about it!

Friday, Oct 01, 2010

By now we've told everyone about our clandestine operation to surprise two listeners whose stories made Matthew West's new album. We can't give details yet, but you'll hear Matthew West talking about "the reveal" and telling a hilarious story about his grandmother.

Thursday, Sep 30, 2010

Here are highlights from Wednesday's and Thursday's shows: You'll here the whole discussion on grace that covered some of each day and seemed to hit people powerfully. Dave came back from Louisiana with stories and memories, and we discussed a religion survey that shows how ignorant many are on faith-matters.

Tuesday, Sep 28, 2010

It was an emotional morning, in part, when Carmen and Bill read a letter from a grieving listener and had another hurting listener call. Bill changed the mood, though, by bringing up a debate on religion at USF! And yesterday we had lunch with artist Andrew Peterson and found out we had something in common: a taste for words

Monday, Sep 27, 2010

See Chris Tomlin holding his gold record and Brooke Fraser's Skype dinner party! Carmen brought back some encouragement from Louie Giglio in saying goodbye to his mother... temporarily. Here also you'll find the info on the P2011 Live Link.

Friday, Sep 24, 2010

When Carmen wound up in Atlanta this morning, we worried, had our worst fears come true... was she singing for Chris Tomlin?  Plus, you won't believe what Dave's son had to go through to get a background check, and what's missing from this list of fair foods?

Thursday, Sep 23, 2010

Got a Fantasy Football league?.. team?.. uhh... (Bill got an education today.) New license vs. new droid: Dave's youngest son had to choose yesterday, and Lucy showed up in Guatemala and OH, what a story she told.

Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010

We talked to Sam, the redhead from MIKESCHAIR, about his experience last week in Guatemala, and Carmen told us how she was reminded God doesn't need her to do his P.R.  If you've recently had a dinner disaster, Bill can encourage you!

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010

Back from Guatemala and overflowing with stories of God's love and transforming power, Carmen gave us a firsthand report of last week's mission trip. You'll hear these amazing moments and find links to pictures from the orphanages.

Monday, Sep 20, 2010

We pointed people toward Carmen's post-Guatemala blog today, since she was sick at home, post-trip. Dave took listeners on a tour of a new technology that may help frustrated texters, and Bill asked "what will they think when they dig up our churches, 500 years from now?"

Thursday, Sep 16, 2010

Charlie from Jars of Clay was on the show today, talking about The Shelter and their upcoming visit here. We also caught up with someone from Central Christian Church in Ocala to give us the latest on Trevor Currington, the young man with malaria in Kiev, Ukraine, and if today felt like a Monday for you, you're in good company, namely Donald Miller.

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010

We heard from Guatemala today, and Carmen posted new pictures! Please don't tell her what national TV show Kris wants to be on. Dave showed Bill how he had lived out an old joke, and Bill shared appreciation for teachers.

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010

Kris has discovered the art of using malapropisms.  (You should really listen.) Meanwhile, Dave is now up in the Kindle challenge. Also, we asked you to join us in prayer for a young man who was in critical condition overseas.

Monday, Sep 13, 2010

Carmen and the team arrived safely in Guatemala. Dave and Bill kept the show rolling with news of new Christian films and a few observations of bad behavior at theme parks.

Friday, Sep 10, 2010

Carmen and Bill had a few thoughts on tomorrow's proposed burning of the Koran by a Gainesville minister; they also wanted to remember the impact of 9/11/01. Plus, Dave was in Orlando, running into celebrities!

Thursday, Sep 09, 2010

The decision was made today. Dave and Bill are off and running with their Kindle assignment.  In the midst of "No Mall Fall," Carmen may have found a way to get some lipstick, and Dave found himself as a much younger person!

Wednesday, Sep 08, 2010

Some of these stories are just developing... like Carmen's No Mall Fall and Dave and Bill's Kindle assignment.

Tuesday, Sep 07, 2010

Over the long Labor Day weekend, Dave and Bill upgraded their phones and downloaded some sweet apps! Carmen found out she has a house divided when it comes to college football, and the shoes are on their way to Guatemala, thanks to a local girls' basketball team.

Friday, Sep 03, 2010

You're helping change the world! Today, we gave totals for our month-long shoe drive, and it's uh-maz-ing! You'll hear reaction from Mike of the band MIKESCHAIR. We also took a little time to celebrate a special birthday.

Wednesday, Sep 01, 2010

After the last two days' finale of the month-long shoe drive, we announced the winner of the MIKESCHAIR concert and introduced you to new artist Chris August!

Monday, Aug 30, 2010

Catfish, Cayotes and Foxes, Oh my! Bill says he's seen all these critters walking around his neighborhood! We talked couponing today and, of course, got immediate response. Getting fantastic deals is HOT right now! And Dave has turned into a Christmas elf.

Friday, Aug 27, 2010

We updated info on the trapped miners in Chile, and we found a new phobia. Call in "Carmen tunnel syndrome." (If she were stuck in the Chilean mine, she's stay there.) Twitter is helping people raise money. And... "Here is your password..." A daughter had fun getting her mom to help her win tickets to Brandon Heath / Jars of Clay this morning.

Thursday, Aug 26, 2010

What would it be like to be trapped underground for months? You'll see the faces and names of the 33 trapped miners in Chile. As Carmen heads back to Guatemala, small groups worked hard to collect shoes, one group driving from Gainesville to drop them off. And Dave gave an update on Twitter and bedbugs.

Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010

Bill was back after two days of jury duty with a new appreciation for that service and a strange coincidence from 17 years ago. Brandon Heath surprise-called the show after someone outed us on Twitter! And a very excited fan will get to meet Brandon backstage!

Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010

Here's what you missed (or didn't) from Monday and Tuesday's shows! Hear about the open-house that was a hothouse, the beautiful wedding communion and Dave's cellphone interruption.

Friday, Aug 20, 2010

You'll see people wearing them soon, no doubt. Find out about the Snazzy Napper here. Plus, one guy is trying to summarize the whole Bible on Twitter, Bill thinks Jayar "borrowed" his whitestrips, and Carmen told a touching story of one man's gift of shoes.

Thursday, Aug 19, 2010

Kris P. Kreme was back from the UK today. JOY FM artist Matt Maher joined us. We caught up on stories behind his songs, some awkward moments and some seriously good truth!  Plus, Bill had an awkward moment on an elevator.

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2010

Having put whitestrips behind us (for the moment), we got back to things like football (oh, Alabama football, btw), and school. While most of us are getting kids ready, Dave was getting his wife ready for school! Also, this is hard, but we asked a question you should ask yourself when you are striving in a relationship.

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010

Carmen brought in some whitestrips for Dave and Bill today. Naturally, it was ridiculous. Also, you'll see the spoof trailer of Sandra Bullock in The Darkside. And hear what record Tim Tebow has already broken.

Monday, Aug 16, 2010

The atmosphere grew milky, the discussion was raw today as Carmen brought up the question of raw milk: to drink or not to drink? You'll also hear an informal review of Inception, and Bill was inspired by his kids over the weekend.

Friday, Aug 13, 2010

You'll meet Heather Williams today and hear her story. Plus, you'll find a link to see the video that had us (well, Carmen)in tears... Dave and Bill just had allergy problems.

Thursday, Aug 12, 2010

Forget to listen? We had a teasing, then serious discussion about memory. Donald Miller wrote a book on the subject. Carmen's husband almost blew it by walking into Publix!  Also, we posted a video of Mark Hall's Star Wars collection, which he is selling for World Vision this weekend, and Dave's kids have some fans.

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010

How do you like your stereo, sweetened with milk or black? Carmen knows what she meant to say! Dave likes his strawberry pop tarts and his yellow jersey, and here you'll find the link to Carmen's Kameleon rings.

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010

Should we pass a law to keep our parents off Facebook? Two young, traveling couples, producer Kris and Elisha and Josh and Becca Wilson, get their own stories today. And find the info-form on the 2010 Florida Sales Tax Holiday, this weekend.

Monday, Aug 09, 2010

Carmen was back and told us some stories of her time with Ron and Denver, authors of the book Same Kind of Different As Me. We got caught up on a new recipe that's great and low in calories, and... painting, poetry and football: what's wrong with this picture?

Friday, Aug 06, 2010

We gave away a one-of-a-kind sketch by Dave Cruse today. Plus Bill thinks he has our number in calling out Jayar's, Kris's and Dave's needing to punch their man-cards. But Kris won't back down and calls for everyone to dump their purses!  Also, hear Nicole C. Mullen, who checked in prior to tomorrow's Raise the Roof!

Thursday, Aug 05, 2010

All the highlights today are from our conversation with Dan and Matt from Jars of Clay. They got a few surprises, and we got to hear their surprising music from their new release, The Shelter.

Wednesday, Aug 04, 2010

High July power bill? Bill can commiserate! Check out the money-saving tips from FPL. Also, you'll hear the guys try to empathize with celebrity meteorologists about the lack of storm development at this point in the hurricane season, and Jars of Clay will be on the show tomorrow!

Tuesday, Aug 03, 2010

See the picture of Denver Moore with his family. Carmen was there when Ron met them for the first time. Also, you'll hear how Facebook helped carry an old friendship into a new generation, and how do you judge game-night success?

Monday, Aug 02, 2010

Dave was back from vacation today, so Bill quizzed him to see if he unplugged, and we heard about a lovely sunset cruise! Good thing we waited till AFTER the cruise story to talk about Shark Week. And we reviewed some classic sayings from Denver Moore

Friday, Jul 30, 2010

As Carmen was headed to Texas, Bill and Carmen talked about the book Same Kind of Different As Me. Find links here. Also, we talked with Larry the Cucumber and his friends about the new Veggie Tales DVD, and we called Dave Cruse.

Thursday, Jul 29, 2010

12,000 Shoes! That's the size of a matching gift we got from BeautifulFeet.org! You'll meet Ryan, the guy who founded the nonprofit organization, and you'll hear his story. Plus, you'll hear a girl who came for an internship, but got a whole lot more!

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010

We set up a new Facebook page, just for our listening family!  Carmen gave us the back story on her new Publix and her old crown, and  Kris P. Kreme has been doing some, uhhh... dirty dancing, and that's NOT what it sounds like! 

Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010

Here's where you'll find the Amy Grant video! Hear some thoughts and responses on its impact. Also, Carmen revealed a pet peeve that's keeping her from doing her homework.

Monday, Jul 26, 2010

We had breaking news from the world of Christian music today (and audible sighs from single girls). Carmen was impressed with Tyler Perry on 60 Minutes and Chonda Pierce on The View. And if you missed the surprise call from Matthew West, find out how you can hear it here!

Friday, Jul 23, 2010

You'll hear a surprise call from Matthew West... but MATTHEW is the one who was most surprised! We had some fun with a little ditty he's never recorded (knowingly). Need a friend? We found several, who for a small fee... And Carmen is really missin' her Publix! 

Thursday, Jul 22, 2010

"Not finding God's will" was one of the things people said they fear the most. We talked about God's will this morning. Bill got Carmen to read a chapter of Augustine's Confessions, and Dave gave us a tour of the Tour De France and how to change a bicycle tire.

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010

Our first day back together after some vacation time! Carmen gave us an update on her stay in The Victoria, and Dave TRIED to tell us about his anniversary plans...

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2010

This was a landmark day! The anniversary of the orignial moon landing and the celebration of a quintessentially American food...product...ish...

Monday, Jul 19, 2010

Dave and Bill started off the week with some stories to tell!

Sunday, Jul 18, 2010

July-lights! We've been on vacation(s) this month, so we decided to put our highlights so-far on this page. Audrey Assad stopped by on July 13. You'll find what you missed right here!

Thursday, Jul 01, 2010

Carmen has found a new diet. It involves baby food!  And Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR had something to say about it. Also, as our community grieves the tragic death of two Tampa police officers, we got some perspective from a pastor on how to sort out our feelings and responses.

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010

It's not often that Dave and Bill talk about footwear. Today was an exception. Also, Brandon Heath has a new addition to the family! Meet Big Red!

Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010

We woke up to tragedy in Tampa Bay today. And as we processed it, the show had to roll on. All of us admitted to the first time we felt OLD!

Monday, Jun 28, 2010

The first show after The Summer Cruise 5, we shared a touching story and a Lucy moment. Meanwhile, back home, two daughters make quite an impression on their parents!

Tuesday, Jun 22, 2010

Here are highlights from The Summer Cruise 5 with Josh Wilson!

Friday, Jun 18, 2010

For Fathers' Day, inspired by a song, a woman is reunited with her estranged father after 37 years: we re-told the story of Scottie and Keith with Brandon Heath. Also,  Chris and Conrad chatted us up, and what do you do when your partner forgets it's your birthday

Thursday, Jun 17, 2010

Carmen was back from Nashville this morning with stories, straight hair and a new cookbook!

Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010

Bill was a bit out of sorts today, having gray icons on his iTunes and having walked into the wrong house! Check out today's highlights.

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010

Getting ready for The Summer Cruise 5, Dave, Bill & Carmen called Josh Wilson today, and we were surprised at who answered the phone! Also, Bill wanted to talk about a seemingly little-known sports event called the World Cup

Friday, Jun 11, 2010

Summer brings several things into view: theme parks, visits from family, mission trips and haircuts!

Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010

Getting ready for The Summer Cruise, Jayar saw our new T-shirts. He decided he needed shirts for his 12 listeners. So, we spent some time trying to find them... the listeners, that is.

Tuesday, Jun 08, 2010

Are you an iPhone person? Carmen is, but she's NOT looking forward to switching to the new 4G. Bill sparked a memory of anniversary at Sears, and Dave paid tribute to the late Christian music pioneer, Dana Key.

Monday, Jun 07, 2010

Food, shopping and workouts. Those were the topics for a Monday. Carmen doulbed her workout and "learned a lesson." Dave and the boys had a Man vs. Food experience, and Bill celebrated an anniversary by (almost) fixing a van hatch.

Friday, Jun 04, 2010

Dave's youngest son graduates tonight, and Bill's oldest was in a college admissions office. Meanwhile their dads got all techy, trying to demonstrate the newest website feature, our "you pick" widget.

Thursday, Jun 03, 2010

Omigosh Dave Barnes was on the show today! You'll hear almost the whole show right here! If you need to pick a break to listen to, you gotta hear the falling chicken story! We also have video for you to watch.

Wednesday, Jun 02, 2010

Find the video we mentioned of Dave Barnes acting goofy, and hear a bit of his great music! Carmen got inspired by her Couch to 5K app, and David Crowder gave us his take on the LOST finale. Oh, and Professor Bill donned his robes to talk about the Reformation

Tuesday, Jun 01, 2010

You'll hear an inspiring story from a woman who transformed a group of rowdy kids into productive students: Ms. Kookyi. Carmen rode almost 50 miles over the weekend. If you were outdoors this long weekend, you might be nursing a sunburn.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting ready for the long Memorial Day weekend today: Carmen was doin' nuthin' except bakin' cookies! So, we called our favorite chocolate chip baker for the recipe. Wanna know how many hours were wasted thanks to Google Pac-Man? And you'd be proud to have these comments in your yearbook.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We were pretty domestic today. Carmen had to go get meds for her sinuses, so Dave and Bill talked BEEF! Not to be all "guys grilling," Bill shared a proud papa moment, and Dave talked about how important it is to ignore the early hurricane predictions.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"It's SO hot in Clearwater.. How hot is it?" You had a chance to win tickets to Chonda Pierce for the best punch line! Of course, Carmen can't give away just one pair. After all, it was her anniversary! And Kris P. Kreme may be living up to his name!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dave added a new title to his job this morning: Librarian. Carmen and Bill had to give up their books (except one). Also, do you have a friend that is dieting right now? You might want to avoid the Mexican restaurant.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A bit sleep-deprived, Dave, Bill and Carmen started the week by reflecting on an incomprehensible plot's paradoxical season finale and exploring the story of the man who headed the Human Genome Project.  You probably should listen. Oh, and you'll find the list of books Bill and Carmen mentioned

Friday, May 21, 2010

We posted videos from Bill and Kris's trip to help Nashville flood victims. Bill asked: "Is it okay to tell someone the breakfast they bought you made you sick?" And the guys shared some family stories.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bill was back from Nashville today with info and stories on his trip with Kris to deliver tents for the homeless. You'll hear how Dave discovered his son's handyman skills, and Carmen experienced the power of grace.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you missed the conversation Dave and Carmen had with comedian Chonda Pierce, you'll find it here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bill and Kris P. Kreme were on their way to Nashville this morning to deliver tents. Brandon Heath joined Dave and Carmen on the show today to talk about a live, streaming, benefit concert tonight YOU can attend online!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dave, Carmen and Kris P. Kreme rode the MS 150 bike ride over the weekend. They brought back pictures and stories. Bill was getting ready to ride to Nashville in a big truck full of tents, and he told us how to get our kids to eat salad!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The band Tenth Avenue North was here Wednesday for a beach concert. You'll hear highlights of a conversation we had about their new record, band trivia and the wrath of God!  You'll also hear how yesterday's drive for tents, tarps and sleeping bags for Tent City turned out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We were getting ready for our afternoon drive for tents, tarps and sleeping bags to help rebuild Tent City in Nashville today. You'll hear Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville and author of a new book called Plan B.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting ready for a bike ride, a beach concert and a big tent revival, all of these things paled in the light of Hope. Hope is the little Chinese girl being adopted by Mark and Melanie Hall of the band Casting Crowns. They are in China, and we talked to Mark live on his iPhone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You'll hear more of the back-story in the effort to Rebuild Tent City. Bill tried to get Carmen ready for the MS 150 bike ride and get Dave fully supported! And we shared more about the Hall adoption of baby Hope in China

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a Mother's Day story that will warm your heart and one family will NEVER forget! See the picture of Melanie Hall with her newly adopted baby at the orphanage in China!  Hear how Mother's Day turned out for our three hosts' families, and help us rebuild a homeless community in Nashville!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday was training day for Kris P. Kreme! We had him on a training bike, riding for three hours during the show, and we tried to simulate actual road conditions! Carmen uncovered a bit of corruption while trying to return shoes. And when we called to surprise a winner, WE got surprised!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Find a link to MercyMe's Listening Party, and hear our talk with the band and The Generous Mr. Lovewell. Also Bill had thoughts on the controversy surrounding the National Day of Prayer.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (not related) We posted a couple of fun videos you have to see today! Also, Carmen made her couch confession today and we talked to a Nashville resident about the flooding.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You'll hear from tobyMac and find out how his home and family fared in the flood as well as TheBombMom.com. We have pictures and links showing damage from the Nashville flood. And Carmen came through with ideas for Mother's Day.

Monday, May 03, 2010

You've probably done it too... Hear about Carmen's latest Lucy Moment! Also, have you heard about the Nashville flooding? We talked to a friend there. And Bill explained his strong feelings about this year's National Day of Prayer.

Friday, Apr 30, 2010

The weekend is upon us! Got plans to enjoy a sunset, maybe? The guys in Brandon Heath's Band have beat you to it! Apparently, President Clinton is too much of a man for his daughter's wedding, and Dave let the bank borrow some of his blood (they gave some back).

Thursday, Apr 29, 2010

Have you seen Malibu Carmen? She's bronze and blotchy. You'll find a link to the video, featuring Brandon Heath, as well as links to conversations about graduations and about grace.  Oh, and you'll find a link to the Bomb Mom shirts.

Wednesday, Apr 28, 2010

Carmen talked about "Plan B." Find out about the Pete Wilson book and watch a video introduction. Dave's plan was to grab a quick barbeque dinner, until the phone rang, and your favorite artist might just be wearing a Snuggie!

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

Here are highlights from Monday and Tuesday. (Monday's page was needed for the Nashville stuff!) Dave "celebrated" Emilie's birthday on the show today, while Bill talked about a new survey that suggests we may not be passing our faith to the next generation.

Monday, Apr 26, 2010

Nashville 2010: Brandon Heath's Table and the Dove Awards

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2010

We were live at Brandon Heath's Kitchen Table this morning, with Brandon, Dave Barnes, Josh Wilson, MIKESCHAIR and Jars of Clay.  Eventually, you'll hear highlights from this broadcast. For now, we're uploading videos and getting ready to go backstage at the 41st Annual GMA Dove Awards.

Monday, Apr 19, 2010

Matt and Chris from the band Sanctus Real stopped by today!  We had some fun with our own variation of a classic gameshow by having them play Band Dating.  You'll also hear Matt talk about a painful struggle (please pray!). Meantime, Dave, Bill and Carmen are getting ready to go to Nashville for Dove Award Week.

Friday, Apr 16, 2010

We had family matters and a fly-away to the Dove Awards on our minds this morning. We shared memories of the broadcast from Brandon Heath's kitchen table and a special memory with MIKESCHAIR.  You'll also hear Bill talk about another milestone missed and Dave looking ahead to the empty nest.

Thursday, Apr 15, 2010

The last 5 1/3 days we've been hosting FriendRaiser, our support drive. Thankfully, were were back to normal today, just in time for tax day! Dave and Bill had some conversation about government vs. voluntarism and we celebrated the good news of a child's safe return!

Tuesday, Apr 06, 2010

Carlos Whittaker, YouTube star (oh, and a worship leader, by the way) joined us on the show to talk about his "daddy-fail video" that wound up on national TV. We also shared some thoughts on Tiger Woods' proposed vow-renewal, and Bill made a case for picture in picture sports viewing!

Monday, Apr 05, 2010

Re-caffeinated, The Morning Cruise was giddy and ready for a Monday. Well, almost. Carmen had a little incident with her big toe, and Dave shared a proud-dad moment.

Thursday, Apr 01, 2010

The results are in, and the winner is... you'll hear the winner of the "sing-off" between Carmen and Jayar. You'll also hear the loser (who is actually MORE excited!). Also Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay called to help us wrap up 40 Days of Water.

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2010

There are a couple of movies of note coming out soon; today, though we featured the sing-off between Carmen and our afternoon guy, Jayar! We also reflected on the impact of an Amy  Grant song.

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2010

Today was release-day for Amy Grant's new record, Somewhere Down the Road. We shared a lot of the conversation you might have missed yesterday, and Jayar from the afternoon show paid us a visit to bring a friendly little singing challenge right to Carmen's doorstep.

Monday, Mar 29, 2010

Amy Grant visited The Morning Cruise today. You'll hear Amy talk about her family and some of the songs on her new record, Somewhere Down the Road. Oh, and there's this little bit about an elevator...

Friday, Mar 26, 2010

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  We got a sneak preview of Carmen's sing-off today, and people everywhere were reaching for their volume knobs (it's safe to turn it up now). Hear Carmen sing Miley like you've never heard Miley before.

Thursday, Mar 25, 2010

More response today on a half-written Matthew West song. Have you heard Matthew talk about "Broken Girl?" They say imitation is the highest form of flattery... unless it's theft! And Kris P. Kreme is trying to launch a side buisness called "Song Starts."

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2010

Matthew West shared the writing of The Story of Your Life on the show this morning! You'll hear highlights from our visit to his cabin south of Nashville. Also, find a link to the Grace DVD Bill mentioned.

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2010

Yesterday on his show, Jayar called Carmen out. Apparantly, his singing contest with Carmen is ON! And do you have a favorite coffeemaker? Callers told us what they thought about the french press. Oh, and we have a black market bread operation going on behind us.

Monday, Mar 22, 2010

We're excited to share about our quick weekend trip to Nashville with you later this week! (Actually, we're excited just to have survived.) Carmen did pretty well, until she fell off the wagon.

Friday, Mar 19, 2010

Called Brandon Heath and (again) invited ourselves to his kitchen table. Bill shared a dad moment, Dave talked about a snuggie world record AND Carmen and Dave made Bill's palms sweat! In the background, we were collecting stories for Matthew West!

Thursday, Mar 18, 2010

We put a link here to the book Carmen spoke of, The Ragamuffin Gospel. Also, we sounded off (and got some good response) on the new rules for food stamps. And a moment of silence, please... Kris P. Kreme caved.

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010

As Carmen sat with her cleanse solution, espresso beans and breakfast bar, she thought about how difficult it is to eat well when your eating out. Maybe she was tempted by the large electric Krispy Kreme sign!  More importantly, we revived an old story that's finding a new audience.

Tuesday, Mar 16, 2010

Meet Audrey Assad! Audrey stopped by and spent time with The Morning Cruise today. We talked about "Winter Snow" and other songs she's written, and she played two new songs live in-studio for us.

Monday, Mar 15, 2010

We talked with author Ron Hall (Same Kind of Different As Me) and checked up on Denver, who was in the hospital. Also, Bill had the chance over the weekend to be a hero, again. And he blew it. Again.

Friday, Mar 12, 2010

Matthew West gave us the inside story on his newest record, "The Story of Your Life," and YOU could have a part in it! Also, we talked to some mismatched couples and Bill had a confession to make.

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010

Since it's National MS Awareness Week, Carmen's mom was on the show this morning to give us an update on how she's doing and what her journey through MS has been like.

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2010

Passion: Awakening is flying off store shelves and iTunes downloads!  Who better to talk with us about it than Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman? Hear those highlights today!

Tuesday, Mar 09, 2010

Today, a chat with one of your favorite artists'...mom. We talked with Kate Battistelli, Francesca's mom. You'll also find out how you can help a band that lost everything in a fire, Addison Road.

Monday, Mar 08, 2010

You'll hear Dave Cruse describe a gen-u-wine Donut Burger from the Strawberry Festival on Saturday. Bill gives a man's perspective on a dress disaster, and Carmen may be the only one on the team that loves Mondays!

Friday, Mar 05, 2010

Can you believe Starbucks has a new drink size thats' BIGGER than a Venti? Leslie the Latte Lady talked about it from a barista's perspective. Carmen told the story of a man she drove right out his job as a census taker, and (later) she shared the heart of the show/station to encourage the hurting.

Thursday, Mar 04, 2010

Dave got a little tech-crazy in Carmen's absence today. Bill chased a rabbit (literally) and mused about the retirement of a boyhood dream. He also lost his keys. A typical day.

Wednesday, Mar 03, 2010

Spring Training has arrived! Bill appreciated the Pirates, while Dave hosted "Pirate or Pirate?" We gave away Jeremy Camp tickets, and Carmen told his story. Two weeks in to 40 Days of Water. It was a good day.

Tuesday, Mar 02, 2010

You've probably said it too: Hear what Kris P. Kreme asked that got him in trouble. Carmen admitted to starting a new diet, of sorts. And was there a collective "Ugh!" last night at the finale of The Bachelor?

Monday, Mar 01, 2010

The Winter Olympics are history, and we nearly missed them! But there were a few stories that were hard to miss. Bill tells the story of cleaning a teenager's room for fun and profit. Dave has the story on fashion. Have you seen the musical, Wicked, at TBPAC? Both Dave and Carmen saw it and really liked it!

Friday, Feb 26, 2010

Today was the day before the big event! Happy... shhhh! Carmen didn't really know what was up when Kris P. Kreme and Leslie walked into the studio. Also, the Olympics: does it bring families together?

Thursday, Feb 25, 2010

Matthew West has created a home for memories on his website connected to his hit song, "Save a Place for Me." Dave, Carmen and Bill caught up with Matthew on the show today. You'll hear the conversation about Lulu, the song and Matthew's new venture: cooking class.

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010

An unbelievable full-circle moment for The Morning Cruise today! We talked with David, the area manager for Panera bread, and witnessed the result of Carmen's confronting her customer service problem there three weeks ago.

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010

An unruly show today, for sure! Carmen set the tone by sharing some new songs from Passion 2010. Bill got drafted to drive a bus on the Summer Cruise (which requires that he get his commercial license!). Dave told about another "Lucy Moment." And Dave had to play "Dr. Phil" when Bill got Carmen's dander up.

Monday, Feb 22, 2010

Day 6 of our 40 Days, and some people feasted yesterday. Carmen missed her pre-birthday feast and had something to say about it. Dave feasted with Woody Woodpecker Saturday, and Bill got a dose of medicine from his 7 year old.

Friday, Feb 19, 2010

Here are show highlights from the last two shows: You'll hear about pajama jeans and Kris P. Kreme's new job, celebrate Carmen's birthday surprise and get Chef Ric's recipe for homemade chicken and dumplings.

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010

Pathetic from our first day without coffee or tea, The Morning Cruise nonetheless had some highlights this morning! Mark Schultz chatted us up as he gets ready for his tour here, Dave told us about Starbucks in Burger Kings, and Carmen had us rolling with her story of the oatmeal spoon.

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2010

tobyMac was our co-host, or as Dave put it, our "party hype master" on the show today! We featured songs from his new CD, Tonight. Surprisingly, Bill kept himself in check (mostly), while Carmen brought out the stories and Dave took a deeper look into Toby's coolness!

Monday, Feb 15, 2010

President's Day today, and we had a few thoughts about the president. Also, you'll hear about Bill and Kimberly's Valentine's weekend and tobyMac tomorrow!

Friday, Feb 12, 2010

The Friday before Valentine's Day might have been a day like any other. But it wasn't . Bill wanted us to play The Top 3 CCM Love Songs. Carmen wanted to go to Selmon's, and Dave just didn't want to get mugged. Wow, what a romantic morning.

Thursday, Feb 11, 2010

We called Josh Wilson today to talk about his concerts next week at the Mark Schultz "Come Alive" tour. We also got some romantic advice for Valentine's Day from newlywed! Speaking of... Mandisa calls it "Singles Awareness Day." You'll find a link to an article on the best cities to find love.

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2010

Dan from Jars of Clay AMBUSHED us on the show today for a good cause. We talked about recycling your day-old jeans , Dave's wife "put out a fleece," and what was the other thing... Oh, yeah, writing down memories.

Tuesday, Feb 09, 2010

tobyMac released his new CD, TONIGHT, today. What can we say? Bill got a little too excited (again). Carmen tried to help and made things worse. And Dave was a little disappointed with the Tebow Super Bowl ad.

Monday, Feb 08, 2010

Congratulations Saints! As a birthday present for Louisiana native Dave Cruse, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl! And it may have been a day late, but Endeavor got off the launch pad in time for Brandon Heath to have a great view!

Friday, Feb 05, 2010

Hear what one of our local board members is doing to help in Haiti. Play along with "To Tell the Truth" and listen to what happened when Pete, Carmen's husband, switched brands without telling her!

Thursday, Feb 04, 2010

A real-life example of why customer service is so important to business in today's economy: Carmen shared a negative experience that had a happy ending. And we caught up with Mark Schultz before he made it out of town this morning.

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010

Mark Schultz joined us live in-studio this morning! He definitely had the laughs and the tears going in the audience this morning. You gotta hear the conversations, plus you GOTTA hear Jayar's challenge to Carmen!

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2010

Bill learned his lesson the hard way. "Please check your pockets" is his new mantra. Seems like it's happened before. Is this Groundhog Day? Oh, right! Carmen helped us with a little Groundhog Day quiz. And we decided Jayar needed an intervention today.

Monday, Feb 01, 2010

Hear Dave Cruse tell the story of a woman who survived terror and carried on. Also, Carmen gave her take on the Grammys, and we found out who would be most likely to succeed in going from the couch to 5K.

Friday, Jan 29, 2010

Melony McKaye of Z88.3 in Orlando was our guest this morning. She gave her firsthand account of going through the earthquake in Haiti. You'll see video of the beginning of the quake and hear the inspirational stories that God wrote before, during and after the 7.3 earthquake.

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010

Dave and Bill spun out a theory today and tested it on unsuspecting listeners! You know more Mark Schultz songs than you think you do! Plus, everyone was anticipating and talking yesterday, but did what you saw and heard live up to the hype?

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010

Ugh. Staff evaluation day, which meant SELF-evaluations, had us a little distracted today. Actually, we took them to our audience (and network president) for help. It might have gotten a little out of hand.

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010

A little salty, a little sweet: We played "World Leader or Placekicker" for Mark Schultz tickets this morning. Carmen told why she bought a new Bible, and she admitted to being totally addicted to her new iPhone app, "Words with Friends."

Monday, Jan 25, 2010

Dave, Bill and Carmen were back together again, after a couple mission trips, the holidays and in-house obligations. Bill shared some highlights from his India trip, Carmen talked about body butter and Dave found the pillowcases. Basically, it was a normal Monday.

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010

While Bill's in India, Carmen and Dave will do their best to keep us up to speed....let's hope for the best, shall we?

Friday, Jan 08, 2010

While Bill's in India, Carmen and Dave will do their best to keep us up to speed....let's hope for the best, shall we?

Thursday, Jan 07, 2010

We re-lived some feelings and memories of five years ago this month, when our listeners gave a million dollars to rebuild homes in India. Bill is going BACK to India, with tip money this time. On the lighter side, hear our story about lunch at "Taco Belch."

Wednesday, Jan 06, 2010

You gotta see Josh Wilson's "Amazing Grace" video the Evian babies and Carmen's link to Hope International's loan program.